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    Originally posted by Master Po
    Another source, however, and better than my memory or old magazine articles is:

    Better Training for Distance Runners, 2nd edition (1997)
    David Martin & Peter Coe

    This edition of this book has information on the use of glycerin. Available from pretty much any bookseller. I'm sure the authors would rather the book be purchased than have me quote it at length. It's not too expensive, in any case.
    I shall use this oppurtunity to gripe about prices in Iceland, so forgive me in advance for the ranting.
    The price you pay for an American good in Iceland, given said item goes for x in the US can be calculated pretty simply using the next five steps.

    1. Multiply x by pie.
    2. Take the result, and multiply by the exponent of last year's Icelandic inflation, divided with a "relaxation inflation", that is, the inflation in the US.
    3. To the result you add the ratio of flight time of a photon between the sun and the earth, and the relaxation time (at 90°) of a sphere of diameter 1 micron, in water at 20°C and incident wave length of 632.8 nm.
    4. The result is multiplied with GW Bush's IQ (very close to unity, may be omitted for all purposes, unless very high precision is required).
    5. Multiply all this with 137.

    [/end of rant]

    At the end of the day, MP, I'm more interested in simple personal experience- when (how long before a run) would you drink the glycerin mix, and did you completely avoid drinking water after that before the run?



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      I'll ignore the rant --- I'm not trying to annoy anyone, and it isn't like I'm sitting over here on piles of money - I was just trying to observe the practices of the board re: long quotations. All I meant was that the book is less expensive than lots of other books I consider purchasing.

      So, I don't remember the ratios etc of mixture, but I would drink the mix about half an hour before starting out. Probably ingest a little more fluids than I normally would, which in itself helped, but I do think what they say in the NYtimes article was true for me too -- I felt "extra-hydrated" for longer during the run, as compared with just drinking more water w/o glycerin before the run. If I recall correctly, what I read recommended drinking a quart/litre of the glycerin/water mix a half hour before starting out. And, if I recall, that seemed a bit much for me, so I drank a little less than that (maybe 20oz/.75 litre more or less, and then carried a small water bottle with me (eg .5 litre) with some of the mix w gatorade. I found I could get through long runs better -- distance of the runs might not mean much, given the wide variance in speeds we go at, but I could do relatively hard effort 2-2.5 hour runs in warm and humid conditions, with not much extra fluids. Probably the most significant difference I noticed was this: I was not as depleted at the ends of these long runs, and could thus recover better and thus do better training on a daily basis through those hot months, which otherwise wore me down. And even though I was truly a no talent runner, I think this is beneficial to those who actually have some talent for the sport.

      I will try to find more of my info on this, and if I do, I'll post it.


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        Originally posted by La_Spigola_Loca
        Master Po (or anyone else), care to share some info with a fellow amature? In what ratio are you supposed to blend water with glycerine, and how long before the run do you drink it? And then the idea is you just don't drink more water before the run, right?
        Ballpark - one fluid ounce of glycerine for one quart of fluid. Maybe that is the "secret" part - don't use metric volumes so the rest of the world has no idea what to do. Do it maybe two hours before the run, though I'm less sure of the science on timing. Another - not really related - hydration trick is to drink a LOT, like 20+ ounces, right before starting, which will increase the rate of fluid emptying and possibly increase how much you can take in at each water station.

        I really doubt that David Martin thinks of this as a secret. I knew about Spence doing this in Tokyo at least a decade ago, and did it myself several times. (I also heard from a friend of Spence's that he drank over a gallon during the race and urinated on himself three times.) Any serious endurance athlete who doesn't know this probably doesn't know what a lactate threshold is. Martin does speak German, and may have published there simply because people he worked with were there. Knowing a little about how newspapers cover things that most of their readers don't know anything about, I think this was something the writer did to make it more interesting - you'll notice there are no quotes in that section. TFN writers can't usually get away with that.

        You can get a four-ounce bottle of glycerine for under two bucks at any drugstore.