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  • Road to Eugene Fan Involvement

    I applaud meet management for trying to think of ways to add fan interest and participation. One ringside observer wearing a booster T-shirt would not be too obstrusive but, if you have one, how can you not have one for every thrower?

    I hope they do not seriously consider placing a juvenile "marker" for each competitor at the long jump pits. Aside from the obvious problem of keeping a dozen or so squirmey teeny-boppers in line for two hours, think of the clutter. Not to mention the added chore of constantly adjusting relative placement after every jump. And what do you do when you have a tie? Enact the tie breaker rule?
    Consider; if two events were being simultaneously conduct on adjacent pits, you could have conceivably have sixty bodies congregated in a too small area.!.

    If they are proposing to conduct this pagent somewhere on the sidelines away from the competition area, fine. Otherwise, bad idea.

    We are constantly criticized by uninformed observers for having too many "officials" for the long jump. Nine or ten officials are required to competently and efficiently conduct a high level competition. If you look closely, the other ten people cluttering up the runway and take-off area are sundry observers for the sanctioning body, NCAA, USATF, ATOs, NTOs, ITOs, VIPS, UFOs, TV recorders and reporters, meet announcer, tech support and GOKWs

    My rant for the day.

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    This is relative to a story currently on the front page


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      That is where I got my sermon topic. Thanks.