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3 track items on SI list...


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  • 3 track items on SI list...

    ...of "100 things you must do before you graduate." I counted three but I may have missed a couple. ... index.html

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    Re: 3 track items on SI list...

    I saw six.


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      Re: 3 track items on SI list...

      Upon further review...

      Are these the ones you found, CPA?

      4. Pre's Rock
      13. Streak ("like Steve Scott" did)
      17. Boston Marathon
      24. Hayward Field
      90. Beer Olys at Oregon
      93. Penn Relays


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        Re: 3 track items on SI list...

        >...of "100 things you must do before you
        >graduate." I counted three but I may have
        >missed a

        I got the following (however not all of them were done before I graduated):

        1) Saw UNC-Duke in Cameron in 1987.
        3) Tailgated in the Grove at Ole Miss while I attend UGA.

        6) Scratched UGA's belly
        10) I have run by the boathouse in Philly the last 2 years visiting there.
        63) Attend 5 Cocktail Parties (GO DAWGS!)
        67) Beat the hell out of Ally, the Florida mascot. Does it count if it was not friendly? Oh well, then picked a fight with the Vandy Commodore.
        85) Saw the FAMU band in New Orleans one year.


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          Re: 3 track items on SI list...

          I did most of the following items before graduation (although I've done some more since graduating):

          Duke/Carolina Game @ Cameron Stadium. Tented up with some frat brothers in K-ville. Also, did the reverse, when Duke goes to Carolina and plays (although I have to admit the Tarheels aren't as frenzied on their campus as the Dukies are. Franklin Street in Chapel Hill is an entirely different story).

          Eaten @ the Rat @ Carolina.

          Bayou Classic (first attended during college). Must see event. They built the football game around the Battle of the Bands. Every seat in the Superdome is filled at halftime.

          FAMU Marching 100 is all the way live.

          Penn Relays (still working on running that lap around the track; although now, I spend a lot of time standing on the track as an official).

          Done Franklin Field while watching/working Penn Relays (does this count as 2 for 1?).

          Check out Boathouse Row durig the holidays.

          Tossed a couple @ the Esso Club @ Clemson.

          Visited the Palestra a couple of times (before college, during college, and after college).

          Attended the Rose Bowl (before college).

          Watched UCLA/Cal game @ Pauley (before college).

          Visted Michigan Stadium (no game was being played; after college).

          It's fun doing some of what's on that list now.

          SI needed to put the Texas Relays on that list (it rocks).


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            Re: 3 track items on SI list...

            Hmm, i've got a few half-completed ones (stadiums visited but no games going on).

            4) pre's rock
            9) Late Night With Bill Self (Roy Williams)
            10) Boathouse Row
            20) Palestra
            21) Notre Dame Stadium
            24) Hayward Field
            27) Allen Fieldhouse
            30) Michie Stadium
            31) Franklin Field
            32) Michigan Stadium
            33) Doc Naismith's grave


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              Re: 3 track items on SI list...

              I've done:

              6. Scratch UGA
              20. The Palestra
              21. Notre Dame Stadium
              23. Fetzer Field
              26. Rose Bowl
              29. The Pit
              35. Final Four
              48. Dreamland BBQ
              96. Howard's Rock (stadium was closed, but ran a few steps down hill)

              Never done the two Tennessee things on the list: Vol Navy and UT-UCONN.