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Sanya Richards vs Tonique Williams Darling


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    Originally posted by eldrick
    Originally posted by MCFLY
    also....sanya's 22.35 behind Simpson was rather suggests she may not be able to top her 48.92 from last year. that may be an unfair standard to rate her success, but she brought it upon herself by running so damn fast!
    i don't think it reflects too much on her form

    sanya ran a very fast curve in that race ( maybe faster than she's ever run in her life ) & perhaps aiming for a 22.0 - 22.1 : however even her legendary strength coudn't keep her strong for the last ~ 40m ( she just went out too fast )

    i think she ran so hard a curve in order to panic sherone ( but it didn't work )

    i think if she'd run a more conservative bend, she may have held on stronger for perhaps a 22.1 - 22.2

    her 200 reminded me of the 400 wc final she lost last year to twd - in that she again ran the 1st half too quick & faded at the end to lose - 1/52 later in zurich she got the right pace judgement & ran a 48.9

    i think the same thing happened to her in stockholm

    that is a good comparison; the WC last year in the 400 and the 200 the other week. she runs like a seasoned veteran, and her training partner wariner even more so, that i often for she is still young and is prone to make some mistakes pacing herself.


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      As much as I love TWD, she looks a bit outta shape this year.

      Sanya, since WC '05, has been looking like Chandra Cheesborough and Valerie Brisco-Hooks!


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        Originally posted by Jaack
        Originally posted by gh
        Name the WR relay (IAAF ratified) with three of the same name!
        I give up!!! Been looking for it some obscure relay?? Perhaps a Chinese team of liu/liu,liu or Li,Li,Li!??? The chinese women have the road relay record, is that it?
        The odd member of the quartet was Julie Stibbe.


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          The Stibbe clue helped with researching. Was it the world junior 4x800 women's record? (The other members of the team being Diane Vetter, Janis Vetter and Debbie Vetter).


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            No credit for my earlier answer, GH?
            OK, so it was a 440y relay, but the IAAF still ratified it...