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No respect for a WR


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    Re: No respect for a WR

    The public
    >need to have? What the? Since when does the
    >general public need to know that someone ran
    >very fast over 42.2k?? Holy moly there are much
    >more important things going on in this world
    >that people should be campaigning about getting
    >media attention then athletics.

    Do you not agree that the establishment of a world record in the marathon is a major sporting achievement ? Athletics is entertainment, and I am not trying to take space away from the important issues which our newspapers need to follow, but the whole basis of a "newspaper" is to print the news.

    Why does
    >athletics need more publicity? Where is the link
    >between coverage and participation? There may be
    >a link between coverage and sponsorship - but I
    >don't think there needs to be more money in
    >track for the athletes or anyone else. That is
    >the bueaty of athletics - it is basically free
    >bar purchasing a pair of joggers. It also is not
    >a sport that takes a lot of time in training -
    >so possible to work as well as train.

    Re-read my original response. Where did I ever mention that athletics needed more publicity, and where did I try to link together coverage and sponsership?? I was trying to vent my frustration over the seemingly transparent summation the marathon recieved.

    >again - quit winging from the sidelines. If you
    >don't like what the editors print - become an
    >editor - see how long you last devoting space to
    >the sports you love instead of the sports that
    >folks want to read about.

    Quit talking -
    >start chalkin!

    Well, I guess you don't get it. If I were a sports editor, I would certainly include more than a 2-sentence summation of a world record for an event that millions of Americans can identify with. Not to put down any particular track or field event, but most Americans associate T&F with the 100m, the mile, and the marathon. While most people may not have ever run a step in their lives, they know that running a marathon is a hallmark of strength and endurance, and one of the greatest achievements an individual can accomplish. The average fan, along with the rabid fan deserve more than a 1 or 2-sentence summation buried on the back pages.


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      Re: No respect for a WR

      >>As I pointed out on another thread, the grey
      >lady had 13 paragraphs but the content is
      >getting bashed on that thread.

      Pardon my ignorance, but who is the grey lady?


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        Re: No respect for a WR

        >Pardon my
        >ignorance, but who is the grey lady?


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          Re: No respect for a WR

          So I take it that those complaining about the coverage have all written to the editors to express their frustration. And will continue to write to every editor when they feel that something is not getting the coverage they feel it should.

          That is the difference between winging and chalkin'


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            Re: No respect for a WR

            >Nothing changes. Unless it was the NY or Boston
            >Marathon, no one in the newspaper business will
            >ever want to give up their precious type space to
            >cover an event that isn't a big money sport.
            >Swimmers face the same problem.

            The Chicago Tribune had an article, as did the New York Times. If people have a problem with their local paper's coverage, people must let their local paper know.

            >The US sport's press is closed minded to sports
            >that are not "American". It is sad this
            >provincial attitude exists within the US sports
            >media. Contrary to popular belief people in
            >Europe don't care about the Dallas Cowboys.

            Your point has some validity, although why wouldn't the U.S. sports press cover the Dallas Cowboys when most of their readers are big football fans? Why would they care one iota what Europeans think, when Europeans aren't a sizeable portion of their readership? Just like Europeans don't care about the Dallas Cowboys, Americans don't care about cricket, rugby, etc. Your point?

            Golf & tennis aren't American sports & yet both get a good amount of coverage. Volleyball IS an American sport & Americans do quite well in track & field (well, at least in the sprints & field) & swimming, & yet neither get sufficient coverage. So it's more complicated than that. Why is this the case? It all comes down to fan interest.