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  • 4x100m wr

    does anybody think with a squad of drummond,montgomery,bernard,greene that they are capable of breaking the 4x100m relay wr of 37.40

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    Re: 4x100m wr

    Depends. You have to think about 3rd leg.


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      Re: 4x100m wr

      for the 3rd leg you could have gatlin,lewis,patton


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        Re: 4x100m wr

        I would personally choose a squad of;
        1st leg- Jon Drummond
        2nd leg- Bernard Williams
        3rd leg- Darvis Patton
        4th leg- Maurice Greene

        People forget that this is the team that have this year's Season's Best time of 37.77s from the Berlin GP 2003.

        I posted my split times for that race(from my Video-Tape Analysis)in August.

        I'll dig thm up from the archives


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          Re: 4x100m wr

          i do remember the team running that time 37.77 is a fast time and is still a world leading time please send in the split times


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            Re: 4x100m wr

            I think that a team of Drummond,Greene,Williams,and Montgomery could break it with consistent handoffs and all were healthy.


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              Re: 4x100m wr

              And there's the key. A wide variety of combinations of US sprinters could approach and/or beat the world record with CONSISTENT HANDOFF PRACTICE. It seems to me that, when watching US sprint teams in championship meets, we're lucky to get one or two decent handoffs. When have you heard or read an analysis of one of the races where the speaker/writer says "Wow, those American handoffs were smooth as silk. I almost missed seeing one of them, they were so seamless!" But, we'll continue to do it the old American way! (Will everyone please stand for the pledge of allegiance.)


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                Re: 4x100m wr

                >i do remember the team running that time 37.77 is
                >a fast time and is still a world leading time
                >please send in the split times

                The following comes from the archives;

                I have taken Relay leg Splits for both teams(US 1 & US 2)from my Video Tape.
                The speed of the Video-Tape is 125Hz.
                I have recorded the meet on my VCR, and I have analysed the relay legs and taken Split Times for each leg of the 2 US teams. The video is quite clear and I have a good eye so the Splits are quite reliable.

                US 1
                1st leg: J.Drummond, 10.46s (10.46s)
                2nd leg: B.Williams, 8.83s (19.29s)
                3rd leg: D.Patton, 9.41s (28.70s)
                4th leg: M.Greene, 9.07s (37.77s WL)

                US 2
                1st leg: J.Capel, 10.44s (10.44s)
                2nd leg: J.Gatlin, 8.99s (19.43s)
                3rd leg: C.Miller, 9.73s (29.16s)
                4th leg: JJ.Johnson, 8.99s (38.15s)

                From footage of the race, MO eases down at around 80 or 85m,when he realised that he won the race.

                He split could have been 0.15-0.20s faster if he hadn't of eased up and if he had of run through the line at his 'normal' closing speed.
                This would give him a corrected anchor of 8.87-8.92s.
                This would give the team a corrected time of 37.57 - 37.62s.

                But those are just my thoughts...