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Ages in training and racing


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  • Ages in training and racing

    Lately I've been thinking a lot about optimal ages for athletes to reach international success in running and other endurance sports. I've concluded (with no scientific evidence) that many factors may effect an individuals athletic acheivements. Years of training may be as important as chronilogical age. We've all seen athletes tire out at age 25 and be surpassed by the late starters. Also, their may be differences with respect to men and women as to when they reach their peaks. I'd be interested to hear your opinions on this.

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    Re: Ages in training and racing

    Peter Coe and David Martin published a chart in "Training Distance Runners" showing "Average Age of Career-Best-Outdoor Performance for the Fastest 10 Athletes in Olympic Distance Running Events", carrying the data through the end of 1989. I wonder if an updated chart would be made more youthful with some of the East African phenoms in the last few years -- but this chart would measure their careers and when they ran fastest, not simply early achievement. Also it doesn't look at sprints, obviously.
    800m 24.3 years, plus or minus 1.8 years
    [women 25.6, + or - 3.3
    1500m 27.7, + or - 1.4 [W: 28.2 + or 1 2.0]
    3,000m [W: 28.2 + or - 4.2]
    5,000m 26.9 + or - 2.5
    10,000m 28.5 + or - 4.2 [W: 26.1 + or - 4.6]
    Marathon 28.6 + or - 4.6 [W: 29.2 + or - 3.6]