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  • Where is my topic?

    Where is my topic, where I stated that Americans are the laziest and most comfortable people of the world? And that this may be the reason of their absence in long distance running? Someone erased it? People, how small you are! Just face the fact that you are the most obese nation in the world and people coming from your country are literally frightened. But I admit that this situation is probably improving, because we now see more (white) Americans on track.

    My post was originally more sophisticated and I did hope that we could discuss some physical characteristics in runners, but as I see, there simply isn't enough intellectual capital on this forum. Sorry.

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    Re: Where is my topic?

    "because we now see more (white) Americans on track."

    There's a good reason to yank it (again). Your tone AND subject matter are offensive, so what's to like/keep?


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      Re: Where is my topic?

      Like it or not folks, this thread it dead-on.

      The first step to resolving a problem is to recognize that it exists. Citizens of industrialized (Westernized?) nations show an alarming trend towards laziness and obesity. They eat to much rubbish – processed, unnatural foods – use their computers or TV’s too much, and ride in cars too often. (Lest I be termed a hypocrite I type this message as I eat a bowl of raw oatmeal after running for an hour through the forest and over rough trails.)

      Allow me this short anecdote:
      Several miles into a cycling expedition, I am run off the road my some fanatical driver, who does not care to stop. I limp four miles to a bus stop, catching the next tram. A female of no more than twenty years of age sits across the aisle. After waiting at the stop for perhaps five minutes the bus departs. Immediately she pulls a cable to signal “stop requested” and exits one block from her starting point. I am so disgusted that I exit also, limping another 2.5 miles to my home.

      Did she suddenly decide to change her destination after waiting on the bus for five minutes? More likely she was too lazy to walk ONE BLOCK.

      These behaviors translate quite readily into sport: less developed “disadvantaged” nations routinely give America a sound thrashing in the distance events.

      The good news is that it is never too late to change. To facilitate this change, I recommend the teachings of one Percy Wells Cerutty. I can vouch unequivocally for the effectiveness of his methods.


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        Re: Where is my topic?

        I don't recall pulling any such thread, but if I did it would have been because it deteriorated into racism. As for broad-based attacks on American culture from the rest of the world, bring it on; it's more amusing than anything else.


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          Re: Where is my topic?

          >Citizens of
          >industrialized (Westernized?) nations show an
          >alarming trend towards laziness and obesity.

          Put 'US Americans' instead of 'citizens of industrialised nations' and I'll agree with you. Go to any place in Western Europe and you'll see a real difference compared to the US. While many people are somewhat overweight, monstrous obesity isn't a common sight there (unlike in the States). Also, with the way European towns/cities are organised, people actually do walk to go places, and children do play around outside. Yes, people there are getting lazier, but the whole lifestyle isn't anywhere nearly as unhealthy and unnatural as it is in the US.
          Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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            Re: Where is my topic?

            >broad-based attacks on American culture from
            >the rest of the world

            I am ... AMERICAN!

            The difference is that I do not find the deterioration of the health of our citizens

            This is not anything that we can just laugh off gh!


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              Re: Where is my topic?

              What I meant is this:


              It isn't finished yet, but I think the differences are very interesting. I observe that people on this phorum discuss distance running and they actually have only a very foggy idea, what are the basic differences of runners in track.


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                Re: Where is my topic?

                I was in Europe recently, and some of the Germans were huge!
                The U.S. is a large and diverse country -- it's impossible to draw such sweeping generalizations; granted that our percentage of obesity is going up, it still leaves millions and millions who care about fitness (probably more than the total population of some small and inconsequential European nations). One of the interesting phenomenons of recent years is the huge number of little girls and boys playing soccer. They look pretty thin to me.
                And what about the incessant smoking in Europe! OK, maybe they're thinner; but the smoking is not such a healthy thing; and it's everyone, all over the place! (Love that generality . . .) An American tourist in Europe is constantly seeking out places to escape those cigarettes!


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                  Re: Where is my topic?

                  By the way, frankly said, national track records in my country have been also stagnating for decades. And not only in short distances, where you could suppose the influence of steroids. Today's children don't endure pain, if they don't have to. And running is a lot pain, which I know from my own experience as a miler. In fact, even a mile was too much for me and I have ever looked at long distance runners like at some masochists.

                  However, when you consider that you have 270 million people, huge possibilities and you have almost no world class middle distance runner... My previous sharp notion about "African-Americans, mulattos and half-blind Marla Runyan in US middle distances" was meant in such a way that African-Americans have a genetically worse predispositions for these distances. If they dominate these distances in US, it tells something very interesting about the physical state of the 200 million white majority.


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                    Re: Where is my topic?

                    Dear Mr Cerutty Boy---Maybe the girl was nursing a sprained ankle or she had a headache, but at least she was taking public transit. Also try cooking your oatmeal. Grains must never been eaten raw, otherwise the nutrition extraction process is rendered inoperative.


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                      Re: Where is my topic?

                      "And what about the incessant smoking in Europe! OK, maybe they're thinner; but the smoking is not such a healthy thing"

                      Dead-on. Also, the smoking is WHY they're thinner. It dulls the appetite, so in this case thinness is not necessarily a sign of greater health.

                      I'm happy to admit, though, that we have an obesity problem in the US.


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                        Re: Where is my topic?

                        I'm not sure "lazy" is the best word to describe out culture. If it is, how do you explain the commonplace 70 hour work weeks and the all-consuming material drive so many citizens have?


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                          Re: Where is my topic?

                          >I did hope that we could discuss some physical
                          >characteristics in runners

                          >What I meant is this:

                          I seen that page before today; I might have guessed that is what you were referring to.

                          I will not discuss such ideas for three reasons:
                          1. The “superiority” of one race over the other in sport/life is very much taboo in the present day PC America. Such discussion (correctly) qualifies one as a racist.
                          2. I do not know of any gene, etc. directly correlated with distance running, i.e. there is a lack of scientific evidence. I would need to see the results of a documented study in a credible scientific journal. (I admit that I have not reviewed your link and its qualifications in their entirety.)
                          3. Distance runners and everyone else are stuck with the genes they were born with, so the idea does not seem worth discussing here. Athletes should strive to fulfill their own genetic potential (if such a thing exists).

                          In reference to point 1, if your ideas are purely scientific in their nature/intention (without racist tendencies) then they are a legitimate course of investigation from a scientific prospective only. They are worth discussing, but this may not be the proper place to do so.


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                            Re: Where is my topic?

                            >Dear Mr Cerutty Boy
                            >Also try cooking your oatmeal. Grains must never been eaten raw, otherwise the nutrition >extraction process is rendered inoperative.

                            I will not contribute to the decline of legitimate threads by the further introduction of such thinly-veiled taunts.

                            In reference to digestion, there is a period of adaptation to such a diet, but afterwards things become quite “regular.”


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                              Re: Where is my topic?

                              hmmmm, from that link there's a link to the "scientific page" and on that there's a link to a recommened page (IAAF) and also a note about "not recommended" that's Entine. If the guy is anti-Entine, can he be all bad?