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More inportant? Money or Medal


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    Re: More important? Money or Medal

    Aiming for a medal while eschewing the money could be a course to having neither of them.

    Not that many runners get medals.

    And I notice those of you picking medals justify this as a course to having money, i.e. the money being the end result, the medal only being a way to (hopefully) obtain it.

    What if it was a choice between one OR the other.

    Would you take a medal or the money?

    I'd take the money, and keep running.


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      Re: More inportant? Money or Medal

      Only if you're still living in the sixties. Different world today, baby. Carl Lewis and MJ had no need for the NFL, neither does Mo Greene.

      >>What do yo all think is more important in
      >athletes career. Winning a lot of money
      >Prix jackpot) or winning a Olympic or
      >World champ


      Bob Hayes and
      >Jim Hines both won gold medals in successive OG
      >(Bob in '64 & Jim in '68), both in WR's, both
      >'killing' the comp.

      They could of stayed in
      >track and revelaed their true talents.

      >they went to NFL.
      Because it pays the

      Gold medals are nice, but they don't
      >pay the rent.

      For the sake of Bob Hayes and
      >'ol Jimmy Hines,
      I'd say MONEY...


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        Re: More inportant? Money or Medal

        Sorry .

        In today's world, I would say Gold medal.
        You can spend the money, but you can't lose a Gold medal.

        Unless you're either Ben Johnson or Jim Thorpe (who actually had his medals returned after his death)