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LA Times Piece on Athlete Doping Unfairness


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    Understood. Introduced something the previous poster neglected to state -- one which should have carried more weight in their argument.


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      Re: LA Times Piece on Athlete Doping Unfairness

      So what is really wrong with the present system. It seems to me that there is not as much wrong as some are claiming. There will always be miscarriages of justice, but of all the points listed in the LA times article there are only a few that should be the focus of any concern and i will list them here,
      • Athletes are presumed guilty and denied routine access to lab data potentially relevant to their defense.
      • Trivial and accidental violations draw penalties similar to those for intentional use of illicit performance-enhancing substances.
      • Anti-doping authorities or sports federations have leaked details of cases against athletes or made public assertions of their guilt before tests were confirmed or appeals resolved.[/*:mf0kyn16]

      Some of the others seem kind of silly, like saying that because a judge has to take a day out of his life to fly out and get briefed on what is going on at a Lab at UCLA and then has dinner together that he is somehow more likely to protect or defend that Lab ... NOT....

      Now if a judge were part owner or an investor in the Lab that would be a serious conflict of interest..
      ... nothing really ever changes my friend, new lines for old, new lines for old.