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Ukhov (2.39m), Hellebaut (2.00m) Set WL:s


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  • Ukhov (2.39m), Hellebaut (2.00m) Set WL:s

    Thörnblad cleared 2.31m at the Adecco Games in Malmö, taking Ivan Uchov:s previous WL up one centimetre. After his clearance, Thörnblad had the bar raised to 2.35m - one cm higher than his indoor and outdoor best, where he had two really good attempts.

    He:s outclassed across the waters later the same day in the Czech Republic, as Russian Andrey Tereshin jumps 2.33m on his third attempt after clearing 2.30m also on his third attempt.

    Vlasic outduels Veneva, with both clearing 1.96m

    Andrey Tereshin RUS 233
    Peter Horák SVK 227
    Victor Moya CUB 224
    Aleksandr Shustov RUS 224
    Viktor Shapoval UKR 224
    Aleksey Dmitrik RUS 224
    Stanislav Malyarenko RUS 220
    TomᚠJanků CZE 220
    Andrea Bettinelli ITA 220
    Svatoslav Ton CZE 220
    Kwaku Boateng CAN 220
    Jaroslav Bába CZE 215
    Ben Challenger GBR 215
    Luboš Benko SVK 210
    JiÅ™í KÅ™ehula CZE 210

    1 Blanka Vlasic CRO 196
    2 Venelina Veneva BUL 196
    3 Yekaterina Kuntsevich RUS 194
    4 Marina Aitova KAZ 192
    5 Romana Dubnová CZE 187
    5 Oana Pantelimon ROM 187
    7 Andrea Ispan ROM 180
    7 Svetlana Shkolina RUS 180
    9 Maresa Cadienhead CAN 180
    10 Elena Brambilla ITA 175

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    Thats a pretty stacked competition on on the mens side for so early in the season. Hopefully this doesnt andwer the Baba question for the whole season.


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      Great to see Thörnblad jumping like that so early in the season. Today he ran the 200m (!) for the first time in his life. It went very well and ended up second in the competition with 22,43 (my humbleness refuses to say who won )

      I think he will end up on top at the indoor champs...tough the russian army is tough as always.


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        Not bad! Second-fastest in the entire country right now behind Johan W.


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          Thank you!
          I saw johans race the day before. He ran all by himself against no opposition and his 20.97 promises a lot for the double distance.
          It will be interesting to see his next race in Glasgow!


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            Sorry, but I can't attach much signifiance to WL's as early as the third week of January. There hasn't yet been very much in the W to L.


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              Good point. However, I am interested to see what unfolds in Ostrava on Tuesday. It looks like a stacked high jump field.
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                Originally posted by tandfman
                Sorry, but I can't attach much signifiance to WL's as early as the third week of January. There hasn't yet been very much in the W to L.
                No problem. Think two great attempts for Thörnblad at 2.35m for a new-PB (had he cleared the height). Puts things into better perspective.

                And the better news: Thörnblad has wheels (22,4) in placing 2:nd to IFK_Växjö in the 200m.


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                  Three over 2.30m in Ostrava



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                    1. Tia Hellebaut (BEL) 2.00m
                    2. Blanka Vlasic (CRO) 1.98m
                    2. Venelina Veneva (BUL) 1.98m
                    4.Melanie Skotnik (FRA) 1.95m
                    5. Anna Chicherova (RUS) 1.92m
                    5. Ruth Beitia (ESP) 1.92m
                    7. Marina Aitova (KZK) 1.89m
                    8. Dora Gyorffy (HUN) 1.85m
                    8. Marta Mendia (ESP) 1.85m
                    10.Yekaterina Savchenko (RUS) 1.85m
                    11. Deirdre Ryan (IRL) 1.85m
                    12. Marisa Cadienhead (CAN) 1.85m

                    Wuppertal, Germany:

                    In what was his first competition of the year, he then took 2.30 at his first try, then had the courage to pass 2.32. He capped his day with another first time jump at 2.35m and then had two failures at what would have been his new indoor best of 2.37m. His indoor best from last year in Banska Bystrica is 2.36, outdoors he did 2.38 back in 2005.

                    Sokolovskiy took an easy win ahead of Germany's Eike Onnen (2.30m PB – 1st attempt) and Kabelo Kgosiemang, who set a Botswana record of 2.25m (3rd attempt) to take third place.


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                      Good for Tia to win on home soil against her main rivals (Blanka Vlasic and Venelina "The Drag" Veneva )

                      What's wrong with Chicherova? i really hope she will jump higher later in the season...... the girl has a 2.04 PB and is the reignong european indoor champ.

                      Glad to see Mélanie Skotnik with a decent result (1.95, 2 cms short of her PB). She's a great talent, but had to struggle with injuries last seasons


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                        Chicherova routinely jumps over 2.00m in practice over a real bar, and I believe that is where she is leaving a lot of her freshness -- on the practice field. She has gotten into a funk whereby she can not take the training atmosphere and equate it to the competition arena - something which plagued her all last season.


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                          Sokolovskiy:s WL was short-lived as Ukhov jumps 2.39m at the Russian Winter meet (results)


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                            Hmmm russians take top 4 at their own meet with 2.31 2.35 2.35 and 2.39. If this was 25 years ago I would think those results to be veeeeerrrryy interesting. Overall I think this looks to be an amazing HJ season in the making! Anyone know where Jesse Williams will open up?


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                              Originally posted by hjumper33
                              Anyone know where Jesse Williams will open up?
                              The over/under line is 2.25 :wink: