27/1 Glasgow international 2pm-4.30pm BBC1/BBC2
3/2 Sparkassen-Cup 7pm-9.30pm British Eurosport
6/2 Dusseldorf Indoor GP (I assume) 6pm-8pm British Eurosport
8/2 Repeated 9.30am-10.15am British Eurosport
9/2 LIVE athletics 6pm-8pm British Eurosport

Can someone help me out? What meeting takes place on the 9/2?

Then the indoor AAA championships will be televised on BBC1 on 10/2 and 11/2

It good that Eurosport are showing more indoor meetings as recently, they should Karlsruhe and that's it.

They will no doubt show Karlsruhe, Birmingham and Lieven.