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Indoor Throwing Surface/Ring


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  • Indoor Throwing Surface/Ring

    My school has a brand new indoor T&F facility, but I have one major question regarding the throwing ring for shot put and weight throw.

    The track itself is mondo, and I don't know what the exact surface is inside of the track.

    Anyhow, at both ends of the inner area are the throwing circles. The problem is that this inner surface will not allow throwers to glide or spin. So we need to build/buy a platform to alleviate this problem.

    If we build this platform, does the ring itself have to have a lip, meaning being submerged a bit?

    I am about to check out the rules on this situation, but am hoping some knowledgeable individuals can offer me some advice on how to deal with this dilemma.

    Once again all input is greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Indoor Throwing Surface/Ring

    problem - throwing off a 'platform' is illegal. The ring has to be level with the landing area.


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      Re: Indoor Throwing Surface/Ring

      Throwing off a platform is legal, if the platform isn't higher than the landing area by one part in 1000 (the legal declination in the landing direction.)

      If you use 3/8" wood for your base, and supplement that with 3/4" wood outside the circle (to provide the NCAA required lip), the resulting unit should be strong enough to move and store.

      The 3/8" throwing surface is low enough so that any throw of 9.525m (31' 3") or more will be legal.


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        Re: Indoor Throwing Surface/Ring

        The 3/8" throwing surface is
        >low enough so that any throw of 9.525m (31' 3")
        >or more will be legal.>>

        You mean my 30-2.5 is now in the illegal category? Dang!


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          Re: Indoor Throwing Surface/Ring

          Sorry. Dem's de rules

          I still wished we had gotten a measurement on Maria Sarria's SP at Two Big Guys in '81(?).