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  • Cross Country Blow Outs

    While my days as a X-C runner are long gone, I still follow the high school results in my local paper. Rather perversely, I suppose, I've become fascinated by lopsided wins. Close finishes are a dime a dozen and romps (wins by 20 or 30 seconds) are only a bit less common. Rarest of all are the true blow-outs: wins by a minute or more. From my experience these are far more common in girls' races than in boys', and (obviously) are more likely in small (dual) meets than large ones.

    Today's Kansas City Star (10/29/03) reports the results of the Interscholastic League Championships at Swope Park (3.1 miles). The winner of the boys' race was 30 seconds ahead of second. However, the girls' race had a truly remarkable differential of 3:08:
    1. D. Yakata 21:29
    2. T. Mikaya 24:37

    Any comparable or better blow-outs out there?