Nearly 40 Athletes Earned U.S.
Olympic Marathon Qualifying Standard

CHICAGO (October 29, 2003)--The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon helped many
American runners continue their Olympic dreams by providing a cash bonus
for U.S. Olympic Standard qualifying times. A total payout of $115,000 was
given to 39 American runners who met the required times for the 2004 U.S.
Olympic Trials at The 2003 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon.

"We focused on supporting our male and female American marathon runners
with this incentive program because we knew this year was a special year
with the U.S. Olympic Trials coming up," said Carey Pinkowski, executive
race director. "It's financially challenging for these athletes to
properly train for these Trials and pay their bills, so we hope this money
will offer them assistance to achieve their Olympic goals."

The Marathon paid $3,500 to every American male who had a sub 2:20:00
effort (the "A" U.S. Trials Standard), $2,500 to every American male who
had a sub 2:22:00 effort (the "B" U.S. Trials Standard), $3,500 to every
American female who had a sub 2:40:00 effort (the "A" U.S. Trials Standard)
and $2,500 to every American female who had a sub 2:48:00 effort (the "B"
U.S. Trials Standard). There were 22 men (10 "A" standard and 12 "B"
standard) who received a payout and 18 women (five "A" standard and 13 "B"

The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon had the most qualifying times for any
2003 marathon for both men (36) and women (33). (Some runners qualify more
than once.)

The American runners who achieved their Olympic Standard were pleased with
the outcome of the race and seemed grateful for the added bonus.

"The Chicago Marathon has always been extremely supportive of all its
runners, regardless of ability and this is one more example," said Brian
Sell who is a part of the HANSONS-Brooks Distance Project based in
Rochester Hills, Mich. "I just wanted to remain competitive throughout the
entire race and I was able to achieve my Olympic Standard. The next step
is the Trials and the Marathon is helping me get there."

"There were a lot of American women who finished in a pack for the 'B'
Standard. I think there were about 15 of us right around the 2:48:00
mark," said Lucie Mays from Carmel, Ind. "It was an overwhelming
experience for all us to celebrate right after the finish line knowing we
were all going to the Trials and even better we got some extra money."

The men and women U.S. Olympic Standard qualifiers are all listed below.

Male "A" Standard Qualifiers Male "B" Standard Qualifiers
Dan Browne, Portland, Ore. Paul Aufdemberge, Redford,
Josh Cox, El Cajon, Calif Trent Briney, Utica, Mich.
Peter Clusener, Arcata, Calif. Edmund Burke, Burtonville,
Mike Donnelley, Portland, Ore. Nick Cordes, Utica, Mich.
Peter Gilmore, Menlo Park, Calif. Rod DeHaven, Madison, Wisc.
Jason Lehmkuhle, St. Paul, Minn. Nick Gramsky, McLean, Va.
Mebrahtom Keflezighi, Mamoth Lakes, Calif. Mark Manz, Kiel, Wisc.

Steven Moreno, Oakland, Calif. Matthew Marcini, NY
Todd Reeser, Rochester, NY Tom McGlynn, Burlingame, Calif.
Brian Sell, Utica, Mich.
Terrance Shea, Somerville, Mass.
Kevin Taylor, Raleigh, NC

Female "A" Standard Qualifiers Female "B" Standard
Colleen DeReuck, Boulder, Colo. Mina Caron, Andover, Mass.

Kimberly Fitchen-Young, Santa Cruz, Calif. Mimi Fallon, Walpole, Mass.
Rachel Sauder-Kinsman, Archbold, Ohio Katy Hollbacher, San
Francisco, Calif.
Jenny Spangler, Gurnee, Ill. Heather Hunt, Englewood,
Deeja Youngquist, Alburquerque, NM Nicole Kulikov, Fort Collins,
Michelle Lafleur, Savannah, Ga.
Erica Larson, Los Alamos, NM
Susan Loken, Phoenix, Ariz.
Lucie Mays, Carmel, Ind.
Doreen McCoubie, Malvern, Penn.
Zika Palmer, Blowing Rock, NC
Julia Stamps, NY
Jennifer Tonkin, Seattle, Wash.

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