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US at NYC Marathon


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  • US at NYC Marathon

    The US again failed to produce at the NYC marathon.

    Scott Larson, Phillimon Hanneck (of Team Nike's altitude house and training under Al Salazar) and Matt Downin were within 10 secs of the leaders at the half way point in 1:05:50 (fairly pedestrian in a world class marathon even considering the 60+ degree weather). Then by 20 miles, just 7 miles later, Matt was 2:20 behind the leaders and Scott & Phillimon were 3:40 behind the leaders. Doing some quick math, that means that Matt lost an average of 20 secs per mile from mile 13 to mile 20 and Scott & Phillimon lost over 30 secs per mile. The leaders did not speed up, but the best Americans in this race, ones with shoe sponsorships and one living in a special training house could not even come close to staying with the leaders of a realitively slow Major Marathon for more than 1/2 of the race. Incredibaly sad.

    By comparison Elly Rono a Kenyan who now lives in Raleigh, NC who had his shoe sponsorship dropped a while ago and now only gets his travel to races paid for my his Apartment complex in exchange for where a shirt advertising them. He often trains alone, not in some camp of with other highly trained and babied runner. Elly runs a very solid 4th place in 2:11.

    Elly is living like an average American and has been doing so for very many years yet he can still train and produce. So what is the excuse for the rest of us.

    As a result I have upped by mileage yet again this week, I'm tired of seeing the US be destroyed in athletic competitions in our own country.

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    Re: US at NYC Marathon

    Ultrarunner. Simple the Americans are lacking coaching and are focused on gimmicks.

    BTW, Hanneck is not in the high altitude playstation arcade, so he can't us that as an excuse.

    Years ago Nike had a national add campaign that went something like this, "I don't nned no health club...blah blah blah...the roads are free." This is a proven training model, it's time for everyone to get back to the basics.


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      Re: US at NYC Marathon

      From the original article on the "altitude" house I understood that he was in it. Maybe not. Either way it sure doesn't seem to have helped at all.

      Goes back to something Frank Shorter told a friend of mine back in the 70's when asked for his training "secret". Frank said "Secret, what secret, I run 140 miles a week including a 25 mile long run, an interval work-out and stregnth tempo run. Thats seven days of training with two hard days and a long run and a *ell of alot of miles. There is no secret, just hard work."

      To that I say Amen, Amen!