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  • Show Me the Money! ... ion=sports

    Aso a good story on Rupp at ... ion=sports

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    This should be an interesting test case: does it pay (in whatever way "pay" is defined) to devote Big Moolah to a "nonrevenue sport"? With UO being a state school, the complications mount and the strategy becomes yet more dicey.

    I wish them well.


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      My guess is that UO is in a somewhat unique athletic cultural situation to be able to do this with T&F. One of those rare schools where time-honored traditions in no-revenue sports allows for the investment. At most colleges the bottom line is too strictly adhered to to allow for this.


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        Semi-direct Nike dollars have a unique role to play here, including some important alumni in the sport.


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          I would be curious to know how Oregon's $2.613 million budget compares to the budget at other big-time public track schools. Being a Louisiana native, I can find out and report within a couple of days those figures for LSU. Hopefully, some of our other posters can do the same for schools like Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas and UCLA. I would also be curious to know what that figure is for Texas A&M, since it's rumored that Pat Henry was given carte blanche to try and build a program, when he left Baton Rouge for College Station.


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            Re: Show Me the Money!

            Originally posted by trig

            Aso a good story on Rupp at

   ... ion=sports

            The parallels to UNLV basketball and SEC football are uncanny.