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Advice for returning to competition


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  • Advice for returning to competition


    I'm thinking seriously about getting myself back into shape in order to compete in Masters track. I've noticed that the results for men 40-45 aren't too far away from what I think I could run. But then again, I may be fooling myself.

    I haven't run at all for almost 10 years. 20 years ago I was at 1:59 / 4:40 and although those times weren't very good, I never felt like they were close to my potential. Injuries (tendinitis, shin splints, plantar fascitis and GI problems) forced me to stop running completely in my 30s, but I'm wondering if that long break may have helped my body heal.

    So my question to you experts:
    Is it reasonable to expect that I could get into 2:00 - 2:05 shape in a couple years? I had 50.8 speed for the 400 back then, if that helps (eldrick?).

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    I'm fascinated by how this pans out for you Half Miler.

    Them PRs are almost identical to mine (accept I ain't ever run that crazy empirical distance - but did manage a 4.29 1500m with little drama).

    I'm only 14 years past my PRs however (and about 40 pound over racing weight), and 4.5 years off Masters status...


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      Originally posted by AS
      (and about 40 pound over racing weight)
      Yes, I forgot to mention that as well! I raced at about 155...I'm now close to 200. ops:

      (Half Miler: slowest ever to 1000 posts)


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        Originally posted by Half Miler
        (Half Miler: slowest ever to 1000 posts)
        Lose some weight and 2000 will be easy

        Congrat, always enjoy your posts.