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What's your top 10?


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    Re: What's your top 10?

    For me, any list of all-time great high jumps has to have Dwight Stones's first WR way up there. Not only historic in that it was the first ever flop-WR, but also the way he did it, making the WR height of 2.30 on his 18th (!) jump of the day. And for good measure, he switched styles back and forth during the competition, throwing in four straddle attempts while he was at it.


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      Re: What's your top 10?

      Top 10 Runners
      1. Said Aouita. My idol who I watched win the 84 olympic 5000 when I was 13. Met him in person when I was 23.He had a gear back then that no one had. Loved to watch him toy with the best and his range was amazing. 800m to 10,000m

      2. Sebastian Coe. Tremendous speed. would like to have watched him race kipketer in a fantasy 800 when both were at there best.

      3. Arturo Barrios. Gutsy guy who was at his best back in 89 when he set the 10,000 world record.

      4. Carlos Lopes. An inspiration to all the older athletes. No one expected him to win that marathon in 84 and he did. I still watch that race for inspiration.

      5. Pre. Had a heart the size of King Kong's.

      6. John Ngugi. awkward running form but bad ass. World Cross Champ several times and 5000m Olympic Champ in 88'

      7. Steve Cram. One of the best at 1500 back in the 80's Gave Aouita a run for his money.

      8. Yobes Ondieki. No kick but another tough SOB

      9. Geb. Great to see a little guy like him beating those big guys with such a kick.

      10. Paula Radcliffe. Has to be put in this top 10 cause she has made womens distance running something to watch


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        Re: What's your top 10?

        An impressionistic ten:
        1. Seb Coe accelerating on the backstretch past others like they were standing still, in a "Rolls Royce turn of speed"
        2. Scott getting passed after holding the lead for a lap or so in '84 O.G. 1500
        3. Decker tripping, falling behind Budd
        4. Pre with that cock of the head, looking at the clock at Hayward Field
        5. MJ setting the 200 World Record for the final time
        6. Elliott pushing the pace with 700 to go, Rome
        7. El G, over and over again, accelerating steadily from 500 out
        8. Haile G's bouncy stride, tucked in behind a pace-setter, and victory smile
        9. Viren sprinting home, 4 times in 4 straight O.G. 5s and 10s
        10. Coe's sprint for home, Moscow 1500


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          Re: What's your top 10?

          1. Zátopek in Helsinki
          2. Flo-Jo in Seoul
          3. Lewis in LA
          4. Bikila in Rome
          5. Powell-Lewis in Tokyo
          6. Young in Barcelona
          7. Beamon in Mexico City
          8. High Jump in Rome
          9. Michael Johnson in Sydney
          10. Viren’s double double ‚72-76

          Honorable mention (could be enywhere on this list): Irena Szewinka, Evelyn
          Ashford, Marita Koch, Geb anytime. And a lot more.
          "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
          by Thomas Henry Huxley


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            Re: What's your top 10?

            Redefined their events, ahead of their time, yet take mostly grief. These are the victimized heroes of the sport.

            10. Zola Budd
            9. Paula
            8. Khannouchi
            7. Eddy Hellebuyck
            6. Kratochilova
            5. Haile
            4. Viren
            3. Marita Koch
            2. Flojo
            1. Wang Junxia - tortured by her coach, disowned by the track & field community, and looking to return in Beijing 2008 at 35 years old...The bravest, toughest runner ever.


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              Re: What's your top 10?

              >Redefined their events, ahead of their time, yet
              >take mostly grief. These are the victimized
              >heroes of the sport.

              Ron Clarke's not on your list? Replaces Viren on the list since all Viren did was duplicate Clarke's marks 6 years later, and Clarke did his with a hole in his heart


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                Re: What's your top 10?

                >Skinny as
                >Also skinny as hell.

                Dan, An interesting criterion...

                How about top 10 TFN staffers?

                1. Cordner Nelson
                2.... OK, I won't go there....


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                  Re: What's your top 10?

                  Good javelin list, but I think Kulcsar (3 Olympic medals) deserves a slot in there somewhere. And definitely Nevala. Wolferman really only had two great years.


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                    Re: What's your top 10?

                    RMc, what happened to Ron Clarke's heart?

                    Perhaps a few names could be different on the list; at 26 years old I'm not as familiar with the runners before my time. My understanding is Ron Clarke is well thought of by all, a legend in fact for his heavy racing and training. I was meaning to catch the runners in my list who have achieved greatly, yet for one reason or another are strongly looked down upon by particular segments of track fans.


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                      Re: What's your top 10?

                      >Redefined their events, ahead of their time, yet
                      >take mostly grief. These are the victimized
                      >heroes of the sport.>>

                      Doesn't Alan Webb belong on that list?


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                        Re: What's your top 10?

                        Since the sprints are always under represented here is my top 10 list of young talent ..

                        Top 10 Young Sprint Talents – 21 and under …

                        1. Justin Gatlin – 2 time double outdoor NCAA champ, sub 10 and sub 20 !!!
                        2. Darrell Brown – Already WC silver medalist and WJR holder at 100
                        3. Usain Bolt – WJR holder at 200
                        4. Mark Lewis Francis – former WJ champ at 100 already among Britain’s top 3
                        5. Asafa Powell – Became a terror at WC before false start and continued on Euro circuit
                        6. Brendan Christian – A high school force with many fast times, waiting to emerge
                        7. Ronald Pognon – Showed well at WC for France
                        8. Leo Bookman – 03 NCAA 200 champ is learning how to compete
                        9. Marc Burns – Has been in Brown’s shadow, 04 could be his time
                        10. Olufasuba Olusoji – Appears to be Nigeria’s next to emerge


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                          Re: What's your top 10?

                          My most memorable meets/performances seen live. In the US, there are precious few opportunities for TV moments, see below.

                          1. Mac Wilkins 68.80, San Jose 1 May 76. My first WR. Mac liked it so well, he popped two more. After his 2nd throw, he told John Powell "put your implement away, its not your day".

                          2. Helsinki E Cup, Aug 77. My 1st international meet. Two WRs, lots of rain. I was amazed later how much better the Helsinki meet was run than Dusseldorf a month later.

                          3. Dusseldord W Cup, Sep 77. The long awaited Juantorena/Boit duel. Wonderful race, good time for the time. Funny side bar. One of the days, Wilt "the BIG fan" Chamberlin was there on some kind of press pass. We overheard an official telling Wilt, "yes, you are on the list, but I need some ID".

                          4. Weltklasse 81. Nehemiah 12.93, Coe 3:48.53, and much more. My wife and I had tired of the lack of amenities in Zagreb (E Cup) and said, the hell with it, lets go to Zurich. We had standing room (with people pulling the crowd together with large ropes). It was electric! I have been back since, in real seats, at a cost, but the first one sticks out.

                          5. Helsinki WC I. Kratochvilova's double. Another side bar. We didn't have the most wonderful seats (at the head of the 2nd turn, good for LJ, TJ, bad for finish line) but it gave us the opportunity to harass Mennea a bit, telling the officials to make Pietro stay in his lane. We discoverded that Mennea understood English just fine, as he gave us a well deserved fig.

                          6. LA 84. My first (and given the costs, my last Olympics). Just the experience, but mostly Daly Thompson. His comethrough in the DT after two fouls, his disdain for the WR, he took a 3.5 lap victory tour.

                          7. TAC, Indy 85. Willie Banks 17.97, a nice guy finishes first.

                          8. Roma WC II. Not the finest performance, which was Kostadinova's 2.09, but the M 400H race, with Moses, Harris & Schmidt separated by .02.

                          9. Stuttgart, WC IV. Probably the best meet I have ever attended. The marks were good, lots of WRs, the emergence of Ma's army. The neatest thing from my point of view, was in the men's 4x400, when seeing the 1200 split and realizing that MJ would have to fall down to miss the WR. Priceless.

                          10. St Denis, WC IX. Not a great meet by marks, but the distance races, wow! The 5Ks were compelling, but the 10Ks. At the 5K marks of the men's, I figured, OK, high 27s. Negative splits, we got your negative splits. Amazing. Also amazing, as good as the woman's race was, imagine had Paula been healthy, and there.

                          I guess my list was chronological, not really ranked. On TV. The best, and nothing else is close was the 92 Oly simulcast. No commercials (I realized that was a mixed blessing at bathroom time), no up close and personal, no BS. Just track and field. The announcers were amazing. I just had to watch for 12 hours, they had to talk.

                          I also had the good fortune to be in Europe away from Zurich during Weltklasse twice. The telecasts were great. Many hours. The British commentators were knowledgable 89, and in 93, the Prague feed had Czech announcers, of course, but the pictures and graphics made the action clear.


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                            Re: What's your top 10?

                            Most attractive athletics women?

                            Most attractive athletics men?

                            Is this PC enough?

                            Why are these being zapped? I need an answer!


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                              Re: What's your top 10?

                              I'll be posting from now on under protest! ;-) Not even an answer. Wow.


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                                Re: What's your top 10?

                                because this site is called 'Track & Field NEWS', not T&F gossip and idle chit-chat. PC is irrelevant. Relevance is relevant.