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  • The X-man Speaketh

    mods: you know better than to post copyrighted material

    doh, sorry - that occured to me after I was walking to lunch. Well, it's on Youtube, so I guess people can find it if they wish . . .

    it's also linked at X-man's own web-site.
    see "Trans World Sport" link

    BTW, his mom pronounces it Zave'-yer - but a very soft y and an elided e at the end.

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    Cool, tafnut.

    Shaver says they:ll concentrate on the short sprints this year and maybe add a couple 400m races. Wait-and-see approach for 2008.


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      Nice video, great to see how some of the top athletes work "behind the scenes" and I wish we could see more of this.


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        Did anyone notice Lolo Jones doing power cleans in the background?


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          Re: The X-man Speaketh

          mods: you know better than to post copyrighted material
          First off, great little video - thanks for bringing it to our attention.

          A couple of questions regarding the copyrighted material stuff.
          1. YouTube, after its purchase by Google, made deals with some content providers to allow them to publish copyrighted material. Do we know which providers, and does YouTube somehow mark such videos so that we, the public, know one way or another??[/*:m:3ns344zu]
          2. If it was a link to copyrighted material that is published with the content provider’s permission, can we link to it on the T&FN boards???[/*:m:3ns344zu]


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            I don't follow this closely, but only TV provider I'm aware of that has any deal w/ YouTube at this point is CBS. So if I find CBS clips I won't touch them. Lacking any other evidence to the contrary, take the hardest of possible lines and whack anything else (that's from a commercial operation; obviously don't care abut home videos).


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              From the football clips it looks like his X crossed forarms came from the end zone dance. He looked great running past the other players. We're damn lucky he went with track.