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On Not Pushing Your Kids


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    Re: On Not Pushing Your Kids

    >None of this has really applied to me personally.
    >I've always relished the competition at any age
    >and any sport. Some people are just like that.
    >Some people are too weak-minded to overcome
    >e parental or other outside influence to be
    >hardcore athletes, and that's unfortunate. I
    >never needed any external motivation, I push
    >myself harder than anyone else can, and it's
    >always been that way.

    I've also known many young kids who have pushed themselves very hard without outside pressure. Unfortunately they also lacked outside guidance. They ended up injurying themselves before they were out of high school. Many of these kids may have made very good collegiate athletes but because they didn't understand gradual progression they ended up blazing and burning. The duration of a youth career is commonly only 2-4 years. Many careers are cut short be repetitive motion injuries resultant of doing too much at too young of an age - very persoanlly motivated athletes who loved to compete and loved to win so much they trained with an "all or nothing - give it everything now" mentality. Mature guidance - patience is often rare in the US sports structure.