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    Originally posted by 26mi235
    Originally posted by AS
    As someone with less than perfect recall on which college is in a particular region, is there any chance you could add the region to the form guide (so we can see where to look for their performance over the weekend)?
    There is a relatively quick way to do this in a spreadsheet, except I need to find one more command; I will edit this when I have more time. This will only get you schools that have entrants, but that is probably all that matters. You could duplicate this for men and women, but you probably do not need to, thus it only needs to be done 3 times.

    gh, would you mind if I pasted the results into a thread? .....
    Not at all... if it's any good, I'll then steal it and put on the front page!


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      Re: NCAA Formcharts Now Posted

      [quote="gh"]On front page, compiled by Jack Pfeifer.... this is updated since the one that's in the July issue.

      Gee golly gosh, I haven't received my JULY issue yet. :lol:


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        Sorry, I don't care that much about College T&F to go through and identify the region for each any every athlete/school.

        I was just asking as I thought it might be a user-friendly thing for the TFN crew to do for the casual reader/viewer.

        So, thanks anyway...

        Note: no scarcasm intended here at all (hard to get tone right)


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          Originally posted by 26mi235
          Originally posted by richxx87
          okay then, that's pretty helpful.

          But what about the typo that has USC women getting 6th in the 4x4? I would be seriously interested to find out what's going on. Did Alyson Felix (who attends USC as a student only) decide to run the 4x4 and bring along Sanya Richards (I think she still technically has some eligibility left) to run the anchor for the Trojan gals?
          With those two added to the team, the move would not be to fourth.

          This event is one that can be estimated without the team running all of the members. Suppose that a team had a 400m runner that had an open 400 in 52 but who had not run with the rest of the team up until regionals (or after even). Say she replaces a runner who has hit 58. Now it might be pretty easy to expect a 6 second improvement and to forecast placement based on that information.

          I still suspect someone made a boo-boo and tossed in USC for 6th spot in the nation, when they meant to put in UCLA...

          1 UCLA 3:32.55 10
          1) Johanna Monthe SR 2) Maris Wisdom JR
          3) Krystin Lacy SO 4) Nicole Leach SO
          2 Arizona State 3:35.25 8
          1) Bridgette Williams SR 2) Shautel Elcock SO
          3) Jordan Durham JR 4) Latosha Wallace SR
          3 California 3:36.62 6
          1) Brook Turner JR 2) Mackenzie Pierce SO
          3) Evelyn Smith SO 4) Alysia Johnson JR
          4 San Diego State 3:38.22 5
          1) Nicole Stone SO 2) Sherraine Pencil JR
          3) Mandy Upuu JR 4) Priscilla Chapu SR
          5 Southern California 3:38.93 4
          1) Tara Davis-Quarrie FR 2) Shana Woods FR
          3) Judith Onyepunuka FR 4) Myra Hasson FR