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What first 5K sub 14 or mile 4:05?


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    Originally posted by Flumpy
    It should have been Paula's at the Commomwealths in '02 but a really slow first lap ruined it
    1km - 2:59.91

    2km - 5:53.56 (2:53.65)

    3km - 8:48.04 (2:54.48)

    4km - 11:40.34 (2:52.30)

    5km - 14:31.42 (2:51.08)

    last 4km adds upto : 11.31.51 which was solo & i have no doubt she couda run 1st slow km at similar pace = ~ 14'24.39 solo !


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      i think there is a few girls capable of sub 1410 now, but the fact there is not nearly as much depth in the womens events makes it difficult, if defar, t.dibaba were able to get in a mens race where the top guy goes about 1405-1410, they could get a lot closer to the 14 minute mark, but it would be considered an illegally paced race as was oklahoma states christine mcmiken's defacto ncaa 10k record of 3217 in the 1980's which was just broken by sally kipyego, almost everyone gets paced somewhat in a race, since filbert bayi anyway so it should be allowed. if defar came to the bell lap and had a runner with her she probably could have got under 1410 in oslo. but the lack of womens depth hurts example there are lots of male pacers who can easily be on world record pace for halfway (1022 to 25k, but very few women who can get to halfway at world record pace(10742) the same holds true for the 5 and 10k.