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    age is not an issue for either, as they are within 7 months of age

    size doesn't seem a great issue, as tyson/ff are 19.6 guys & short & i'd throw ato in, who shouda run 19.6 in late '90's ( i believe his 19.77pb followed a quick 100m a coupla hours before )

    extra height gives you the exra stride length, whilst short gives you the extra frequency


    time = stride * frequency

    i woudn't say that one has greater clear-cut advantange than the other


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      We get so caught up with times quite understandably though as they are a useful marker for predictions but as we have seen in countless occasions where the holder of the fastest time doesn't win the title.

      The 200m was the most competitive event but now it is Gay and then.....................spearmon and bolt, that it has lost that build up without the unknown factor if we also had dix and the x-man. But who's to say Bolt or spearmon doesn't take the title.

      Going back to the time issue my point is that in the anticipation of a super fast time we will end up with an anti-climax if Gay wins in 19.8 and not appreciate the win. I'm the same. I want Gay to run something ridiculous or see Paul hession come from nowhere and win in a new irish record of 19.99 in a slow race . And then we can speculate if he was on drugs as no irishman is supposed to run that fast as no Greek was meant to either.

      This is why the Atlanta 200 will be a hard race to beat for some time as I am sure most people didn't expect MJ to run sub 19.6 (even though he had a PR of 19.66) and some felt that Boldon or Fredericks may have challenged for the Gold.