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    The distance indicators alongside the pit, although presumably reliable, are not always accurate.Unless you are very near and directly opposite the point of contact it is very iffy to second guess the mark..Only the pit judge marking the jump and perhaps the pit rakers can see the exact first impression, which usually results in a lesser mark that may not be visible from afar.


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      Originally posted by trackworld
      Hmmmm. I remember seeing that result on the Eurosport round-up of the meet and spat out whatever I was drinking. I know that many people here feel that this was an officiating error ? I mean, many say the jump was nowhere near 7.42m when looking at the markings besides the pit
      I was there. It was the hotest weather I've ever experienced. Something like 40C (104F). I was great weather for competing but the crowd nearly passed out.

      Anyway I remember being at the end of the 100m line speaking to some of the UK team when 7.42m flashed up on tne scoreboard. We just assumed it was a mistake ( think there had been a few that day) and just ignored it. Later as we went to sit back in our seats we saw Jade Johnson screaming at her coach John Herbert...............

      "I got metered. I GOT METERED!!!!" meaning that she'd been beaten by a metre.

      Jade had jumped 6.42m and it was only then we realised that Kotova's was legal. I have to say not many people in the stadium that day seemed to believe it.

      Nothing like as dodgy as Lalova's 10.77 though.


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        Kotova's 7.42 did really look like a 7.42 on tv as some others have said.
        Personally I never questioned the correctness of the measuring that time.


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          I'm not disputing it at all. I didn't see it. It just seemed so improbable that nobody really seemed to take it seriously.