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Italian Team to Osaka announced


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  • Italian Team to Osaka announced

    Uomini / Men (21)

    100, 4x100: Simone Collio (Fiamme Gialle)

    4x100: Fabio Cerutti (Riccardi Milano)
    Maurizio Checcucci (Fiamme Oro)
    Koura Kaba Fantoni (Fiamme Gialle)
    Rosario La Mastra (Carabinieri)
    Jacques Riparelli (Aeronautica)

    400: Andrea Barberi (Fiamme Gialle)

    1500: Christian Obrist (Carabinieri)

    400hs: Gianni Carabelli (Carabinieri)

    Alto/HJ: Andrea Bettinelli (Fiamme Gialle)
    Nicola Ciotti (Carabinieri)

    Lungo/LJ: Andrew Howe (Aeronautica)

    Triplo/TJ: Fabrizio Donato (Fiamme Gialle)

    Disco/DT: Hannes Kirchler (Carabinieri)

    Martello/HT: Nicola Vizzoni (Fiamme Gialle)

    Marcia/RW km 20: Ivano Brugnetti (Fiamme Gialle)
    Giorgio Rubino (Fiamme Gialle)

    Marcia/RW km 20, km 50: Alex Schwazer (Carabinieri

    Marcia/RW km 50: Diego Cafagna (Carabinieri)
    Marco De Luca (Fiamme Gialle)

    Maratona/Marathon: Migidio Bourifa (Atl. Valle Brembana)

    Donne / Women (16)

    Gara / Event Atleta / Athlete Società / Club

    400: Daniela Reina (Fiamme Azzurre)

    800, 1500: Elisa Cusma (Esercito)

    5000: Silvia Weissteiner (SV Sterzing Latella)

    3000st: Elena Romagnolo (Esercito)

    Alto/HJ: Antonietta Di Martino (Fiamme Gialle)

    Triplo/TJ: Magdelin Martinez (Assindustria)

    Peso/SP: Assunta Legnante (Camelot)
    Chiara Rosa (Fiamme Azzurre)

    Martello/HT: Ester Balassini (Fiamme Gialle)
    Clarissa Claretti (Aeronautica)

    Giavellotto/JT: Zahra Bani (Fiamme Azzurre)

    Marcia/RW km 20: Elisa Rigaudo (Fiamme Gialle)

    Maratona/Marathon: Lucilla Andreucci (Forestale)
    Anna Incerti (Fiamme Azzurre)
    Deborah Toniolo (Forestale)
    Giovanna Volpato (Assindustria Padova)
    “I'm not a star, I'm just an ordinary person who wants to do something because I think it's fun.”

    Carolina Kluft

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    Thanks any predictions on potential medalist/ finalists?
    Tom Hyland:
    "squack and wineturtle get it"


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      potential medallists:

      Howe mLJ
      Di Martino wHJ
      Schwazer m50kmRW
      Rigaudo w20kmRW

      potential finalists/top8:

      Rosa wSP
      Bani wJT
      Legnante wSP
      4x100 Relay men :roll:


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        Originally posted by midnightsun
        potential medallists:
        4x100 Relay men :roll:
        Stranger things have happened...any team with 4 sub 10.30 guys deserves respect and Italy has 5 men at 10.29 this year (plus Andrew Howe if needed).



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          my :roll: was to mean that I will not be wasting any tears in case they drop the baton.

          Let's just say they're not at the top of the list of my favourite athletes.

          oh and... you misquoted me (on purpose?), I had the ITA relay as a potential top8, not top3 :P


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            Originally posted by midnightsun
            oh and... you misquoted me (on purpose?), I had the ITA relay as a potential top8, not top3 :P
            No, a clumsy accident, sorry! But I'd still say that any team with a squad as quick as that should easily make the final and could medal in easy-to-imagine circumstances.



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              it's ok, don't worry.

              ITA relay is just a pet peeve of mine. Something you can't get yourself to like, you know? :twisted:


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                No distance runners at all? :shock:

                Where are the Covas, the Antibos or the Panettas?


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                  they're long gone.

                  Italians have become too lazy to even think about picking up distance running.
                  The domestic level -in every age group- is much higher in the jumps and the sprints than in any distance greater than 800m.


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                    Originally posted by pherekydes
                    No distance runners at all? :shock:

                    Where are the Covas, the Antibos or the Panettas?
                    The same place Mennea, Pavoni and Ottoz are..... :lol:


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                      What about Cusma in the 800m - potential finalist?


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                        yes, but her tactics have let her down a few times this year.

                        Potentially she could make the fnal, but she could just as well go out in the rounds.

                        We will see.