These interesting notes from T&FN correspondent Phil Minshull:

<<Men's 800m winner Robin Schembera is the son of former East German 800m runner Katrin Wuhn, 1:57.86 as a junior in 1984 and still the European Athletics Junior Championships for the event from 1983 as well as the joint world junior record holder for 1000m.

The Ukraine's women's 200m silver medallist Yelizaveta Bryzhina (Bryzgina) is the daughter of 1988 Olympic champions Olga Bryzgina (400m) and Viktor Bryzgin (4x100m).

Germany's decathlon bronze medallist Rico Freimuth is the son of four-time East German decathlon champion and 8792 scorer Uwe Freimuth, who would have been among the favourites for a medal in 1984 had East Germany not boycotted the LA Games. (he's also the nephew of Jorg Freimuth, 1980 Olympic men's high jump bronze medallist.)

BTW If you thought that a Black Russian was a vodka-based cocktail, think again! Men's triple jump winner Lyukman Adams has a Nigerian father and a Russian mother and is the first black athlete to win a major international athletics title in a Russian vest, we think!>>