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Why Gatlin's WR is still valid?


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  • Why Gatlin's WR is still valid?

    If I'm not mistaken he was found doped in an event before his world record race. Does something changed in IAAF's rules because Motgomery's record was annuled when he was found guilty. (sorry for the bad english).

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    IAAF policy is "innocent until proven guilty"; that means until all of an athlete's legal avenues have been explored. So until Gatlin has been through all the arbitration processes, he remains on the books.


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      But he has already given an eight year ban. Didn't that mean that he has been proved guilty?


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        In essence, the ban is "under appeal"; as long as the athlete still has legal recourse, IAAF takes a go-slow stance on removal of records.


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          Thanks gh.


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            Perhaps Gatlin has sympathy for Prince Charles.
            Take good care of yourself.


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              It's easy to get confused on all this alphabet-soup stuff (at least for me it is!), but let me go one step further and state that I don't think the IAAF is even involved in the case at this point. Responsibility for all the original ajudication in these matters devolves back to the locals.

              Correct me if I'm wrong, but not until USADA/USATF report to the IAAF, "athlete x has been found guilty/innocent" does the IAAF even enter into the fray at which point they either accept the guilty verdict (never heard of them not!) or not accept the innocent one.