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Where's Khannouchi


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  • Where's Khannouchi

    Tergat set the world record. Why doesn't he get up, train and run a marathon.

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    Re: Where's Khannouchi

    >Tergat set the world record. Why doesn't he get
    >up, train and run a marathon.

    He's got to get the trials out of the way first.


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      Re: Where's Khannouchi

      Screw the trials, he doesn't have the world record anymore and + the trials are a long way off


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        Re: Where's Khannouchi

        The trials are Feb 7th for the men's marathon! Thats only about 9-10 weeks away.

        He can run a max of three marathons in 2004.

        1) Trials in Feb.
        2) Olympic Games
        3) Late fall marathon

        So it appears that he probably would not attempt a WR until late fall 2004 at the earliest.

        In the trials he won't have the competition to push him and wouldn't want to chance a crash and burn.

        In the Olympics the weather will be hot and the course is hilly.

        Best chance is in Chicago, NYC or Europe in late 2004 or at London, Boston or Rotterdam in Spring 2005.


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          Re: Where's Khannouchi

          NyC, he can't set a record there, its the hilliest major marathon course


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            Re: Where's Khannouchi

            In answer to your question: Where's Khannouchi. He is injured and trying to recover in time for the Olympic Trials.