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¶mDiscus: Gerd Kanter (Estonia) 68.94 (226-2)


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  • ¶mDiscus: Gerd Kanter (Estonia) 68.94 (226-2)

    T&FN premeet formchart:

    1. Virgilijus Alekna (Lithuania)
    2. Gerd Kanter (Estonia)
    3. Piotr Ma?achowski (Poland)
    4. Mario Pestano (Spain)
    5. Gábor Máté (Hungary)
    6. Aleksandr Tammert (Estonia)
    7. Frantz Kruger (Finland)
    8. Ian Waltz (US)
    9. Ehsan Hadadi (Iran)
    10. Zoltán Kövágó (Hungary)

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    An event topic that nobody's responded to, and it's an ancient classic event. What gives?

    This is the Rythmic Gymnastics board isn't it? Those ribbons and hoops are tough, I'm tellin' ya. Those gals gotta live in a high altitude tent for months to get ready for a big competition.

    Oh yeah, discus.
    Waltz into the finals? Not a sure thing by any means.
    I see you've got Freddy Kruger's cousin Frantz in there. Keen insight.
    But best of all you've got a question mark winning the bronze medal.
    I guess that means it's wide open. I'll go with Zoltán Kövágó for the bronze in an upset, just to see him set a world record for diacritics on the victory stand.

    Nobody else will exceed Alekna's first throw. You heard it here first.


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      Think Pestano may take the bronze, but I agree with the top-2 [as I'm sure do most observers]


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        Re: mDiscus Favorite: Virgilijus Alekna

        So how come you can do all the funny letters in Zoltán Kövágó, but not the in Malachowski?
        Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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          Beats the L outta me!


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            Serious answer is that I think we discussed this before; function of the software that runs this BB and how it interaces with my machine's operating system. The proper character is on-screen when I type it, but after publishing it, it turns into the Q mark.

            The PDFs of Previews have the proper character. And I can send it in e-mails. Just someting lost in the translation here. Doesn't to any diacriticals from the Romance languages.


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              I only have the IAAF Live results but Kanter looks to be in trouble. Only one throw left and he under 60m. :shock:
              Any details?

              Of course one never counts a pro like him out.


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                Re: mDiscus Favorite: Virgilijus Alekna

                Originally posted by Powell
                So how come you can do all the funny letters in Zoltán Kövágó, but not the in Malachowski?
                I haven't looked it up but my educated guess is that it isn't part of the ISO-8859-1 character set.


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                  Nice call mojo. :lol:

                  67.45. Whew!!!

                  He is my silver medal choice .


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                    man, Kanter had me sweating big time! I have him in the IAAF contest so he's not entitled to go out in the Q round!

                    67.45 for him btw


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                        Whew! Alekna finally through.


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                          He was 8th overall before his last attempt so he was virtually in regardless


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                            Waltz was the first non-q at 62.67. Al-Dosari threw 62.68 in the same flight for the 12th q.


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                              Final tonight.

                              Trivia question, no looking.

                              Who holds the Japanese all-comers record in the mDT (research by Kevin Saylors)?

                              Clues: 1985, non-American. And I'll tell you now that it's not one of the three most obvious picks.

                              I'll be signed off for about 5-6 hours, so don't expect confirmations or clues for awhile.