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AOY Sanchez? You must be joking!


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    Re: AOY Sanchez? You must be joking!

    TO TT:

    I just updated the steeplechase marks and my preliminary results are:
    1. Cherono 85 points
    2. Sanchez 80 points
    3. El G 75 points
    4(tie) Johnson, Olsson and Bekele 70 points.

    Cherono had the 3rd and 18th best series of marks while Sanchez had the 16th best series of marks for a 7.5 point lead. Usually when all win-loss totals are compiled a 1-point increase is the result. The same principle applies to the final honors compilation, so I doubt that the final order for the top 3 will change.

    El G's win-loss of 33-2 pales beside Morceli's 55-0 in 1993 with all 1500/miles except for 1 3K, so I doubt that he is unfairly treated in these rankings.

    TO RMc in "Why not Radcliffe as AOY":

    Your point about Tergat in the Top 10 is well taken. I suspect that he should be displaced by throwers. For example, I estimate that discus throwers Alekna (60 points) and Fazekas (55 points) belong in the top 10. Their preliminary win-loss records are 28-4 and 35-2. Even with a world record and front-loaded points in honors and win-loss, Tergat doesn't belong ahead of them and probably ahead of shot putter and a hammer thrower.