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John Steffensen.... zing!


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  • John Steffensen.... zing!

    Perth Now story now on front page:

    <<....JOHN Steffensen is licking his wounds and they're pretty deep. Some may say that's an inevitable application for a tongue that wags a lot.
    Things at the recent world athletics championships in Osaka, Japan, did not go as he expected, as he had the cheek to predict. ...>>

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    Incidentally, the writer of the article was Darren Clarke's coach. Steffensen did very well given the injury interruptions this year. If he had managed a clear season, he would very likely have been down around the Australian national record. Maybe next year.


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      I have a theory about the effects an athlete talking that alot. There are very few examples where it seems to help. I think that athletics in general is not a place where it is particularly helpful. It drains an athlete of mental energy and emotional energy. Great athletes need to have the mental space occupied by the details of training and overcoming the mental pain of training. There should be no other arenas of stress that are added to that war-zone. Athletes that can maintain an very sedate private life have a profound advantage in this humble fans opinion.

      I always saw steffensen as someone that could threaten clarkes record and clarke was as great a long dash talent as there ever was but all that talk and wasted energy leads me to believe that steffensen has a hard time majoring on the majors.
      ... nothing really ever changes my friend, new lines for old, new lines for old.


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        I don't think John goes out of his way to waste energy talking but he does talk a lot when he is interviewed and that gets a lot of coverage and these statements get repeated frequently by journalists and message board devotees rather than by John himself.

        I don't know anything about his private life, so I can't say whether it is sedate or not but he did run close to his best in successive rounds(2 x sub-45) and just miss the final by .15 while still troubled by his hamstring. The injury was bad enough that he couldn't run the 4x400 heats. I don't think that = a hard time majoring in majors.


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          Steffensen's season was HORRIBLE relative to his own predictions:

          "This year I will run every race in 44 seconds, I’m confident. As long as the weather’s good I will do that. And I will break the Australian record this year around August 3 and then I’m going to world champs and I want to be the first person to run 43 seconds. I feel I can do that. It’s a very quick track in Osaka as we saw (at the Osaka Grand Prix) and if you’re running 44.3, you’re going to run 43 seconds. That’s our goal, to be the eighth person in history to run 43 seconds. We’re setting our goals and each year they’re going to change. When I run 43 seconds this year it’s going to change for Olympics and you conduct yourself from there.”

          Anytime a guy makes outrageous claims, and can't come anywhere close to backing them up on the track, he is more than fair game for zingers from the sporting public.
          I'm not an Aussie, so I don't know much about JS, but right now to me, he is a big-mouth, big-headed, arrogant athlete, and I was happy to see him perform poorly and lose every race he entered.


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            Sadly predictable. Few places to go when you talk yourself up so much, except down. Could say 'told ya so' from an old thread, but I don't wish him any ill. Steffo didn't miss by the proverbial mile in any case. He'd still qualify 4th for the WAF final next week (if he was starting), so the season can't have been a complete disaster.

            He has always performed in his majors to date. As a no-one he shared 2004 Olympic silver in 4x4, as near unknown he made WC final in 2005, in 2006 he beat more favoured opposition to win Commonwealth Games Gold; achieving his seasonal goals each year. No wonder he was thinking he could step it up to another level in Osaka. The shame is he guaranteed it all six months ago and we don't forget...

            He's got a heap of talent and a personality which could be great for the sport downunder. Next year his motto has to be be 'Under promise and Over deliver'. I think he could still medal in Beijing and break Clark's record in 2008 and good luck to him.


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              Originally posted by Vault-emort
              .....and good luck to him.

              my comments were more encouraging advice rather than a berating of the lad.
              ... nothing really ever changes my friend, new lines for old, new lines for old.


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                He showed he was in pretty good form at the WC - 44.8x in the heat, easing up the last 15m.
                Semi Final 44.9x - going hard to the line....

                The months of missed training in feb/march etc cost him a spot - he showed he could run a pretty decent one off race, but his body wasnt in tune to run the rounds - and missed sessions during the 'base' faze of training clearly made a big difference


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                  Originally posted by Tree Stump
                  He showed he was in pretty good form at the WC - 44.8x in the heat, easing up the last 15m.
                  Semi Final 44.9x - going hard to the line....

                  The months of missed training in feb/march etc cost him a spot - he showed he could run a pretty decent one off race, but his body wasnt in tune to run the rounds - and missed sessions during the 'base' faze of training clearly made a big difference
                  Missed training in Feb/March probably helped him not hurt him. Many runners were exhausted by season's end. He obviously was not one of them because he ran a SB at the Worlds.
                  I don't know why you are sticking up for a loud mouth who predicted he would run 44s all season, and then be the 8th man ever under 44 at the Worlds.
                  Meanwhile, he didn't even make the finals.
                  I say, let him eat crow.


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                    Steffensen's predictions for his season came after his missed training in Feb/March.

                    For example,

                    "I'm back and I will deliver....on May 20 in LA"
                    "I sub 44.7 LA"

                    (I will) "run 43 seconds this year" and "I will win a medal" (in Osaka)


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                      Steffensen was having a good year when he began his domestic season in January. But he strained his hamstring in practice just before the AUS champs ad he had to sit out 2 months rehabbing. Then it was another season before his leg felt right and he developed an sort of confidence in his ability to sprint. His race in Glasgow was his first sprinting of the year and he did not do it that day either, but he felt better.
                      As for his talking, it is a part of who he is. He will get better as he gets older and matures. Clearly some of you do not know the man's story. He grew up boxing. Decided to start running 4 years ago and he called John Smith and moved to LA because he wants to back up his words and be the best. So far he has exceeded expectation by making the final in Helsinki, winning CWG in Melbourne about 6 months later. The first time he broke 45 was the CWG. And despite all his talk and injuries he went out in Osaka and ran back to back 44s, something AUS has not seen since Darren Clarke.
                      A healthy Steffensen breaks the AUS record. A humble JS breaks 44. Let the young man grow up before you start hating him.


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                        I've read 2 different quotes from Steffensen since the WC that says he will win a medal at the Beijing Olympics.
                        He is 25 years old!
                        What is his timetable for growing up?
                        I'm sure all athletes hope, want, and quietly feel they will win a medal at the Olympics, but here he is again, telling the world that he will be an Olympic medalist, after not even making the finals of WC.
                        He was last at the Helsinki WC final, and .34 seconds behind 7th place.
                        His PB is 44.73. He will have to drop 7/10s of a second to medal at Beijing.
                        Do you really believe he can do that?
                        I think he would be doing himself a favor to keep his ego and mouth underwraps until he really accomplishes something against the world's best.

                        By the way, he has been running track since he was 7 years old according to one bio I read.


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                          To correct your bio jacks:
                          - he did 'little aths' (think peewee track) when very young, as his mum felt he had too much energy.
                          - he didn't compete much as an athlete through his teens, instead boxing.
                          - he returned in his late teens as a long-jumper (PRs of 7.18m (-2.0) and 7.28w as 19yo in early 2002
                          - then switched to 400m as per comments above...

                          At best he has 5-6 years experience.

                          Does he have a big mouth? yes
                          Is he confident in his abilities? yes
                          Does either aspect do him much harm? that's unclear
                          Did he underperform this season? yes
                          Does he know that? yes
                          Should this reduce his confidence in his abilities? hard to say without knowing what impact the hamstring injuries really had on his body
                          Is he a chance to win a medal the 400m in Beijing? A very outside one, but in the top 15 most likely I'd reckon...


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                            Steffessen 5th at WAF in 46.16.
                            He beat Martyn Rooney, Alleyne Francique, and Sanjay Ayre.
                            Frnakly, this guy has over-rated himself.

                            At the Commonwealth Games he beat:
                            Christopher Brown

                            Outside of Christopher Brown, this was not really a top 400m field.

                            JS hasn't underperformed this year, this is just where he rates - he is at the top of the 2nd tier of 400m runners, and bottom of the 1st tier 400m runners.
                            He has to improve a lot to compete with Wariner, Merritt, Taylor, and the rest for a medal at Beijing, let alone make the Finals.


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                              Steffessen? Man, you got to spell it right. It's Steffensen. His name is the only connection Norway has ever had to a world class 400 runner ops:
                              No idea why he has a Norwegian last name.