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    Originally posted by tandfman
    Another 5cm would have been a very big deal, almost unimaginable for such a seasoned performer.
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      Originally posted by gh
      Originally posted by tafnut
      I found that very interesting because I cannot ever recall seeing that rule invoked. When has someone passed a height so high in the competition, while in a tie for the lead? If Pyrek had made 4.87, then Isi could have lost by not clearing the next height.....
      Pyrek had already PRed at 4.82 (by 6cm). Isi's camp probably figured the Pole's chances of making 4.87--even with 11 attempts--slim & none.

      Add thtat the chance that Isi was working on a pre-planned progression, with no regard for what the competition might do, was in play. Worst that happened was that she ended up in a jumpoff situation she'd almost surely win.
      You are probably right here gh. However, if they had both missed 4.87 (not easy even for Isi), then the next height would be 4.82, and Isi would have been on her 9th vault. She is not used to making very many vaults, and misses there might have been enough for a Pyrek victory (many puns been made with that set up?).