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Cheer the victors, applaud the "also-rans"


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  • Cheer the victors, applaud the "also-rans"

    Webb, Lunn, Krummenacker, whoever it may be who takes the America championships in the next year, be happy for them. And be proud of the group heading to the Olympic Games. The Games are an oddity, insofar as no one person knows who will win on the second-most important day all the years of training and preparation count. The challenge is trying to get to the Games. Matters further complicate themselves in heats, rounds, semi-finals, and the like. Then, when one is on the grandest stage - in the final in front of millions of viewers from across the world - it becomes evident that we want to see a good race ... a fight to the finish. We don t want to talk in the future about how El G ran another "easy"-looking victory, or that there was no competition. We just want to see a good race, the best man on that day win, and be happy we were a part of that day in history (as fans). For you Americans, you are so caught up in which runners are going to win the championships, run faster than they had previously, and try competiting with the rest.

    It isn t so here on the otherside of the world, where we respect the given talent of athletes, we don t bash them or have pity on them, we support them during the tough times and applaud them during the good times. Period.

    Please appreciate athletics for the good, the trying and the also-ran...also-competed.

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    Re: Cheer the victors, applaud the

    Sorry - that ain't the Amurican way. Booing all the Losers is a time-honored tradition. It's not the trying - it's the WINNING that separates athletics from new age feel-good 'everyone's a winner' mumbo-jumbo. We need more slobber-knocking, chest-beating machismo in sports. On the other hand, it really is 'the participation' that we must encourage and honor.

    Note the conflicting tone of the above. It accurately reflects our own ambivalence about sport. We want to encourage the also-rans, but we also want our champions to grind their opponents under their heels.


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      Re: Cheer the victors, applaud the

      Red, White and Blue, you should be a politician. A true master, indeed
      "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
      by Thomas Henry Huxley