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12:53 31.10.2007
ATHLETICS. Tatiana Lebedeva underwent surgery on her Achilles in Finland

The reigning world champion and Olympic champion in the long jump, and winter world record holder in the triple jump, Tatiana Lebedeva underwent an operation on her Achilles tendon, but already within the next few days will begin her training. Valentin Maslakov, the chief trainer of the Russian light athletics team, reported this to the agency of sport information "All Sport".

“About a week ago Tanya Lebedeva underwent an operation in Finland,” recounted Valentin Maslakov. “They cleaned up her Achilles a little and, thank God, everything went well. Now Lebedeva has already returned home to Volgograd, but of course she remains under doctors’ supervision. She should begin training within the next few days, although again, everything here depends on the progress of her recovery and the doctors’ recommendations. Naturally I have no say in the matter. So far we haven’t discussed the winter season, but I’m hopeful that her health will allow Lebedeva to take part. In any case, I’ve received no refusal to appear at the world indoor championships in Valencia from her.”
BTW - yes, I know that "minor" surgery is what other people have. :wink: