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    Maybe you guys can help me?
    I have always wondered how come there is not a profesional track leauge. Is it not enough money to be invested in it or public not interested or has no body ever taken the time.
    It would be great to have people sighned to teams in diffrent states like in the NBA or NFL. Then athletes can get drafted out of high school or college come from diffrent countries and they can compete in indoor and outdoor track crowning champions at the end of the seasons. In olympic years I do not know how they could work around that. Then we could have games like EAsports TRACK AND FIELD 04 since there has NEVER been a good track and field video game.
    WOuld this be more likely in Europe since I hear track is bigger over there? Can this ever happen?

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    Re: Pro Track

    There is for not being a professorial track laegue becuase they is not being enough moneys! It was to be tried in the 70's but it is not so very well working out. Is not the Goldener Laegue a Pro Laegue? :-)