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Noguchi or Radcliffe?


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    In response to the thread title question: Noguchi.

    Not in the sense that I prefer that result -- would love to see Radcliffe win, and think she is as strong a chance for a medal as anyone -- but if it were to be either Radcliffe or Noguchi in Beijing, I would put my (non-existent) money on Noguchi. Her most recent victory and her victory in Athens were each run in warm conditions. Also, in an odd way, perhaps less pressure on her, given she already has her OG gold; Radcliffe will be, I think, under lots of pressure. I'm sure she can handle it, but it is nevertheless a factor to be dealt with.


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      Originally posted by Jon
      Noguchi will have to be in her best shape to beat Radcliffe because if it comes down to a neck-and-neck finish, Radcliffe is not going to let anyone out-kick her (and Noguchi doesn't seem to be much of a kicker anyway)
      i woudn't ascribe a chebii like kick to her just yet

      wami was a little heavy-legged with berlin in her legs, so i woudn't go overboard on paula's finish

      i never did see what the finishing miles were for that race - average for a 2"21 is ~ 5'22

      if she has got a kick, then you'd expect maybe ( flat last mile ) at least a

      ~ < ?5'15

      what was her last mile ?