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  • Qatar again

    there's an explosive article in the Village Voice this week, and it's not about sports (it's about giuliani and qatar) -- the website is not working too well so i won't post the link but if you do a search you'll find it-- but the article goes on to touch on sports, the asian games that were last held in doha, and it mentions the qataris having set up a program to find and groom local (soccer) talent in various african countries, who'd then receive qatari citizenship and play for qatar (there's already a uruguayan in the qatar national team).

    hmmmmm... i had not heard about this before, but i did find out recently that the qataris offered a (white) south african world champion swimmer (schoeman) to defect for $2 million (US dollars, i assume) but he turned them down.

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    aha... ok, the website is not working properly but if you get to the first page of the article, and you click on "print this", the whole article will appear.

    here's part of the paragraph about this sports academy:

    "...The academy, a $1.3 billion facility designed to move Qatar into the top ranks of international soccer, has been denounced in unusually blunt terms by Sepp Blatter, the head of world football's governing body, FIFA. Blatter called Qatar's "establishment of recruitment networks"—using 6,000 staff members to assess a half-million young footballers in seven African countries and then moving the best to Qatar—"a good example of exploitation." "