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X-Man arrested again [again again]


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    i think you'll find a number of pro football players, the vast majority own guns...

    broderick bunkley went to summer camp, came home, realized his home had been burglarized, and his collection of LEGAL guns stolen....

    first call was to the police...

    in philly, if your gun is used in a crime, and it's stolen, and NOT reported, you are an accessory to the crime...


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      Originally posted by Marlow
      This is serious, but not 'this guy is a menace to society' serious.
      Gun rule #1: Don't unholster your gun unless you plan to use it.

      It could be menace to society serious.


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        Originally posted by az2004
        i think you'll find a number of pro football players, the vast majority own guns....
        You'll also find that many of the most vocal anti-gun folks also own guns. Ted Kennedy, Dianne Feinstein, Rosie O'Donnell, Chuck Schumer, Ben Affleck, Charlie Sheen, Steven Seagal, Stephen Spielberg,


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          Carter is presumably familiar with the, um, social circles of which he is a part. We can also assume he knows how best to remain alive and well among his comrades of choice. The trick is to pull this off without running afoul of The Law. This trick has, thus far, largely eluded him -- much like the "trick" of success on the track after one of the most promising starts in recent memory. .


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            it's not the comrades of choice, but a collective social scene, where you belonmg to a certain group, which could easily be at odds, with another social group....

            anyone recall the incident with marvin harrison this summer, the alledged use of a gun, shooting in the streets, at a person who had come into his bar and was creating havoc...

            someone used the gun, whether it was marvin or an employee ...

            and the gun was discovered at a car wash owned by marvin...

            in philly, the owner of the gun is responsible for whatever the gun does, and who ever does what with the gun...

            let's just say the philly police squashed the affair, ah, i'd wager because the local guy was viewed as a good guy, and who wanted to create legal problems for him...


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              I think this thread is more appropriately titled for X-man's latest news.
              Personally, I think the guy is a talented, total idiot!