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Its Time for the Boomers to move over!


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    Re: Its Time for the Boomers to move over!

    One last comment. U of C, about 40-50 years from now, give a thought to this thread and your bashing of a generation or two and ask yourself how well had your generation done! Let's see how many lofty goals had it achieved.
    "A beautiful theory killed by an ugly fact."
    by Thomas Henry Huxley


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      Re: Its Time for the Boomers to move over!

      U of C

      The one important thing I think you're missing is the key element that makes track & field so utterly-utterly wonderful. If you're hard-core about it (which just about everybody on this board must be), when something wonderful happens--be it your seeing it in person, reading about it, watching it on TV or participating in it--we all turn 12 again and age doesn't matter. The joy of the sport is the great leveler.

      The one thing that the Boomers (and their predecessors on this board) have that the young-uns don't is that they still feel this way decades down the road. Will you still feel the same 5 years from now, let alone 10, 20 or 30? The sport's attrition rate is brutal and we welcome all those who wish to hang around.


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        Re: Its Time for the Boomers to move over!

        That makes me think of a new thread that would be appropriate now at the end of the year - so check it out.


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          Re: Its Time for the Boomers to move over!

          >>U of C is unwise

          Sorry to keep correcting you but subs are sold by
          >circulation department, not the sales department. I doubt "weather" or
          >you care, but I'd suggest you'd stick to the high level debates on
          >letsrun, the
          >masturbating threads for instance would probably be more your

          marknhj, Maybe you could explain to this fine collection of humans
          >why Weldon Johnson banned you from LetRun. I must admit , all the 12 year
          >olds enjoyed your letsrun thread, " How many days can you go without taking a
          You still have this site and Dyestat dude.

          Apart from the fact that I've never heard of Weldon Johnson, this has to be pretty much your most pathetic post. I have not, of course, been banned from any site. Anyway, that's it from me U of C. Don't have any more time for peeing contests with morons like you.


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            Re: Its Time for the Boomers to move over!

            GH hit the nail on the head! At least, you sure pegged this 59 year old avid fan....