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  • Coach Rambo required


    any guy who applies for this job has to be !!! ... icID=20330

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    Just think of the most amazing experiences you'll have there! If you live.
    This guy can't really be expecting anybody to reply can he?


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      a complimentary kalashnikov on arrival might persuade someone...


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        The same poster with the need of a coach says:

        Originally posted by Mohanand(IRQ)
        As an iraqi citizen ,I passed through so devastating war but now we're getting better every day .
        I think the best strategy about this issue is to make a secure direct air flights to the athletes and give all support to them immediately. because i believe that when sport subsides in a nation,the nation's spirit will be diseased.
        Thank you
        He was talking about the Kenyan athlete question. But the now we're getting better every day is quite amazing. I don't know what to believe as I don't believe what I read in the newspapers with good reason.

        I have a friend that just spent 2 months is Beirut where his family is, to make some money and I just saw on the news, a bombing of a high level intelligence officer in same city he lives. He never mentions any problems about living there. Beirut is a much safer place now, cannot compare it to Iraq.

        Maybe the sushi is safe to eat and there is nothing wrong with coaching in Iraq.
        Then again probably not.