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    Originally posted by AS
    Originally posted by Cooter Brown
    Actually hormones added to milk have been linked to girls beginning menstruation at a younger age, so Chetanji may not be too far in left field with the breast growth.
    Although, interestingly so has the increased consumption of soy milk...
    And the above thought brings up a big issue in the new age market of "over soying". Seriously, drinking and eating too much soy can be bad for you.
    The middle of the road is the safest place for running your daily life.


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      Several year ago, I received a call from a vegetarian friend informing me that he and his missus were splitting the sheets and asking if he could crash at my house while he found living quarters.

      He was/is a good guy and living alone in a large house I could hardly refuse. He came for the weekend and stayed rent free for two and a half years until he remarried. It was not a bad deal because he was a good cook and my culinary skills do not extend past micro-waving Campbells Chunky soup.

      The only problem was: hosting a vegetarian is a pain in the ass for carnivorous housemates craving dead cow. We ate a lot of fish (apparently fish is a vegetable) and occasionally he would relent and fry me a hamburger.


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        Originally posted by lonewolf
        . We ate a lot of fish (apparently fish is a vegetable) .
        Yeah. what da heck. I think the logic is if i doesnt have hair its a vegetable. I gotta find a fish with fur, probably somewhere in the Congo, i serve it to a Veggie. :P


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          Originally posted by SQUACKEE
          I gotta find a fish with fur
          Anyone for lobster fur-mador?


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            Jon, that looks like something you:d wear around your neck, not put in your belly. Interesting creature.


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              That looks like a bed bug or some small critter found living off of dead things or human skin, etc.
              Defiantly blown up bigger than its normal size.