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January issue issues


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  • January issue issues

    Looking through this month's issue, I have several remarks of note (yes, to you too)

    1. Why are the lists only 40 deep? This is heresy! 50-deep is mandated by law.
    2. The photography is superb and there's lots of them sprinkled through the lists. But the enigmatic centerfold shot?! Why are earth, of all the shots that you could have of him, would you have Pappas well after he's cleared the PV bar??!! We demand ACTION shots, not after the fact shots.
    3. The challenge on page 27 is a great idea! I am sending in $88 for 5 subscriptions to kids on my team, in the hopes that they will be 'infected by the virus.' I spend that much in graduation gifts each year anyway, and this will help the cause.
    4. You say you got no 'letters to the editor'. Helloooo! Just take some off the message boards at your choosing. There are lots of good ones. Take this!

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    Re: January issue issues

    Correct me if I am wrong but I think TFN has been doing the "Top 40" thing on lists for several years now. This is nothing new.


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      Top 50 or else!

      Be that as it may, it is still a federal offense. Just because they have 'gotten away with it' in the past does not preclude their guilt in this instance. If this is not rectified herewith, we shall be forced to enjoin their compliance by dint of law. I await your counsel's rejoinder.