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2004 Predictions, Part III & IV


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  • 2004 Predictions, Part III & IV

    USATF Men

    100 - Gatlin
    200 - Gatlin
    400 - Young
    800 – K Robinson (assuming no DK)
    1500 - Krummenacker
    St - Lincoln
    5K – Torres (I have no clue here)
    10K – Keflezighi/Culpepper – depends on Marathon
    110H – AJ, natch
    400H – Taylor (will get act together)
    HJ - Hemingway
    PV – Hartwig – last hurrah
    LJ - Phillips
    TJ - Davis
    SP - Cantwell
    DT - Brown
    HT – Parker – US hopes at all-time low?
    JT - Greer
    Dec - Pappas

    USATF Women

    100 – Edwards – KW out
    200 - Felix
    400 - Richards
    800 - Teeter
    1500 - McWilliams
    St - Shook
    5K - Flanagan
    10K – Drossin (Dryer if Drossin marathons)
    100H - McKelvy
    400H - Glover
    HJ - Acuff
    PV – Dragila – coming back!
    LJ - Upshaw
    TJ - Perez
    SP - Gerraughty
    DT - Hill
    HT – Norgren-Mahon
    JT - Kreiner
    Hep - Burrell

    your turn

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    Re: 2004 Predictions, Part III & IV

    Men I agree with all and Womens I would say Marion wil win the 100 and 200 and Kelli White will be 2nd in both with Torri 3rd. Richards or Collins will win the 400.


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      Re: 2004 Predictions, Part III & IV

      damn - I forgot MJ!, but put her in my Oly picks.


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        Re: 2004 Predictions, Part III & IV

        Have you forgot about Devers or isn't she running the champs for a reason I don't know (former OG champ maybe?).


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          Re: 2004 Predictions, Part III & IV

          I think this is the season that the younger ones establish themselves. Devers will be a factor, no doubt.


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            Re: 2004 Predictions, Part III & IV

            Where will the USATF meet be held this year? NOT!


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              Re: 2004 Predictions, Part III & IV

              If Krum does not run the 800, I'm going with Jonathan Johnson. Too damn fast for everybody else at that level now.


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                Re: 2004 Predictions, Part III & IV

                Hey that original list reversed the 800 and 1500 predictions.

                Robison will be running the 1500, while Krummenaker will be running the 800.

                I hope 2004 is not another horror show for US distance.

                Hey NCAA 5000 meter runners a 13:50 means nothing at the international level. Are Torres and Broe the only US runners that understand this.


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                  Re: 2004 Predictions, Part III & IV

                  Gatlin is more than capable of successfully completing a sprint double .. He did it twice outdoors and twice indoors in college winning each time .. He’s also had the experience of running rounds and winning a World Indoor title … having said that, I don’t think he (or anyone else) will win a sprint double at either the Trials or the Olympics … Simply too much competition …

                  First off to make the team in both events will take a very strong week … Consider the potential competition in the 100:

                  Mo Greene (if healthy)
                  Tim Montgomery (if mind is right)
                  Bernard Williams
                  John Capel
                  Jon Drummond
                  Mickey Grimes
                  Darvis Patton
                  Coby Miller

                  Beating all of them (or at the least all but two of them) will be a daunting task within itself … Then we head to Athens and add (among others):

                  Deji Aliu
                  Uchenna Emedulo
                  Ato Boldon
                  Kim Collins
                  Asafa Powell
                  Obadele Thompson

                  Winning the 100 will NOT be a walk in the park this time around … There is NO dominant sprinter out there as I write this … Right now there are a bunch of guys between 9.95 and 10.00 .. One or two bad steps in any round can get you eliminated … And we haven’t discussed the DEUCE yet !!!

                  Waiting at the Trials will be:

                  Bernard Williams
                  John Capel
                  Darvis Patton
                  JJ Johnson
                  Shawn Crawford
                  Ramon Clay
                  Coby Miller

                  And a final which could be as close (or closer) than the 100 final … Then at the games we add:

                  Shingo Suetsugo
                  Frank Fredericks
                  Stephane Buckland
                  Francis Obikwelu
                  Usain Bolt
                  And a slew of 20.10/20.20 guys who on a good run could PR significantly

                  Not saying an Athens sprint double is impossible … Anything is possible given that EVERYTHING works out right … But I think it is highly improbable given how competitive the sprints are world wide … Gone are the days when if you won at the Trials you were guaranteed medals at the Games … We have a number of guys who are accomplished at both sprints … But beating the competition at the Trials and then turning around and doing it again at the Games is a very daunting task …