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  • Dragila / Decathlon

    On another thread, which started with a dream about Alan Webb, this was said about polevaulter Stacy Dragila: "She's probably nearing the end of her career, and I'm hoping she's got one great season left in her for this year."
    Yes, age can be a limitation; Dragila will be 33 this coming March. But she has strength, smarts, and tenacity that could serve her well in the future with another event -- the women's decathlon.

    When I was officiating at a Eugene meet in the 1990s, Dragila arrived to learn that the women's vault had been canceled. Her immediate reaction was to ask what other event she might be able to enter. (She had made a long trip and did not want to miss any opportunity for either competition or a good workout.) Learning that there was a lane open in the 400m hurdles, she ran that race. I talked to her about that event substitution and found her attitude to be gracious as well as determined to make every appearance on a track worthwhile.

    Keep in mind also that Dragila has competed in the heptathlon plus other events such as the 1500m. Of course, what she and other would-be decathlon ladies need is more opportunities to compete in that event which has been legal (in rules book) for more than ten years.

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    Re: Dragila / Decathlon

    What is the timetable to switch over to the Decathlon for women? I thought it was sooner than later.


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      Re: Dragila / Decathlon

      stacy has already done a decat or two. she is tough.


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        Re: Dragila / Decathlon

        Here's Dragila's multis record from the past few years:

        Hept 5048 03/21 Eagle Rock
        Pent 3633i 02/13 Pocatello

        Hept 4727 03/15 Oxy Multis
        Hept 5139 05/02 Robison Inv

        Hept dnf 04/27 Pocatello

        Her PR is 5488(A) from '98.