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  • Calesio Newman.... a sprinter currently at North Carolina A&T. He's already ran a 10.18. Yes...curious! If you remember when Jordan Vaden and Derrick Atkins came on the scene it was ......WHO?????

    There was a time when athletes from places like NCC, Grambling, Texas Southern, Westmont, Baldwin Wallace, Winston Salem, Tuskegee etc etc were all over the track & field world, now we see the occasional Brian Johnson from Southern U.

    Just another aspect of the sport that many ignore.

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    Yes, there was also a time when the big Southern schools were segregated.


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      Yep, ya nailed it!

      So when we do see a Jason Smoots out of NCC or a Antonio Pettigrew out of St Augustines it means more than it once did. Now we see another kid with potential from a small school.


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        Newman just won the MEAC in 10.33 and he's only a soph.


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          10.08 windy

          Who here remembers J.J.Johnson or Micky Grimes when they were in school? While we'll see little comment on this guy right now here's where it starts.


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            10.08 +7.7 was in April. Exactly a month ago today in fact. The guy who came second in that race in 10.07 was born the same year as him too. The guy in fourth place in 10.10 is about sixteen months younger. Newman will be 22 in August.

            The 10.18 had a +2.7 wind. Also ran a 20.67 +3.2 on the same day.

            Has a best of 10.33 and 20.89 (from March) to date.


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     ... yEvent.pdf

              Found this interesting link with google. Can anyone figure out what the website is for the main menu? Obviously you can adjust the week number in the URL.