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    Re: Conor's comment...Oh yeah, in all this other excitement, I'd forgotten that trivial little fact that--sometimes--the Trials final means next to nothing in terms of who will ACTUALLY be on the team.

    The "ideal" Trial formula might be something like the following: one week's worth of action, in which the first several days were Q rounds only, except for finals of the 10k, the walks, etc. THEN, 3 short days (3-4 hours each day) of nothing but finals (and this might be done in 2 days, with some fiddling). These 3 days could be organized so that most or all of the logical doubles would be possible. These days of non-stop action would make for great TV, and spectators would really get their money's worth.

    This schedule would be possible since the 10, 5, and steeple should all be straight finals; the 1500 could be done with one qualifying round, and the 800 with either one or two.

    And, no, I'm not holding my breath for this brilliant new system to be implemented...