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    I seem to recall that Wendy Brown won the California High School team meet solo for Woodside HS. Scored in the HJ, LJ, TJ, and 100mh.

    It would've been quite a big deal as California didn't have different A, AA, AAA etc classifications then (not sure if they do now).

    Of course, later on Wendy Brown went on to not only compete in the Olympics, but American Gladiator.


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      Not a one person victory but interesting result:
      Back in the (19) 50s, Stillwater, OK HS had three scorers in the state meet. Eddie Ray Roberts won both hurdles, Bobby Buchanan won the mile and two mile. Both were heavy favorites but Stillwater won the meet by a fraction of a point earned by a long forgotten polevaulter who tied for 5th...


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        Wendy Brown

        In 1984 Wendy Brown won the Calif State Meet (only 1 division as it is still today) with 38 points (3 1sts & 1 2nd) competing in 4 events (this is still the max). Second place was a tie between Compton & Locke with 36 points. Results can be found at: ... ateres.htm



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          Wow, USATF picked Richardson as its athlete of the week. As much as I love hearing about multi-event prospects, I find that rather bizarre. As a multi-event performance it's not even in the same class as what Christian Taylor did. The fact that it won a team title is more of a statistical quirk that an indication of its quality. But she certainly is a heptathlon prospect.


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            Originally posted by unclezadok
            Wow, USATF picked Richardson as its athlete of the week.
            I wonder if she's aware of that.


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              single competitor

              Frank Pollard of Meridian did not win state by himself in 1976 as was reported when Bonnie Richardson won Class A girls title for Rochelle last weekend. He was third as jr in 1975 and second as sr in 1976 before competing for Baylor (track, football) and NFL as RB.

              Richardson is at least 10th person (8 boys, 2 girls) to accomplish the feat in Texas where you can compete in five events. Only other girl was Jolanda Jones, Alief Elsik, 1984, and last boy was James Segrest of Bangs in 1954 (second Bangs boy to do it, also 1916).

              That prolific medal winner was Mindy Myers of Munday, who won four straight 800 titles in Class A and record total of 19 medals (10 individual gold, 3 relay gold). JimAnne Baker of Cisco also won a bunch of medals before going to TCU. Myers played basketball at Midwestern State and is now coaching.


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                Someone noted that in Oregon there was a girl that won four events all four years -- and they were not the same events (sprints, horizontal jumps and hurdles, I think).


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                  I recall that the great long jumper Ralph Boston placed in 7 events and scored something like 49 points himself at the so-called "black college" nationals sometime in the 60's.


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                    Originally posted by 26mi235
                    Originally posted by Alan Sigmon
                    Smaller schools have a hard time having a number of athletes that can qualify, especially in states like Texas, California, and Florida.
                    Really? My school qualified 5+ to state every year I was there, including me the final year. It isn:t getting to state, it is making the final when you have, for example, 16 guys who run under 4.20 attempting to make nine spots. We had a 9.10 2-miler make it to state and a 24-6,75 long jumper as well. 4x100m made it four-straight years to state. Small school which competed in a large league and in the larger section. Competition brought out the best, school size notwithstanding.


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                      Janeene Vickers won the California State Meet by herself in 1987, with three first places: 100 (11.76), 100 Hurdles (13.34 meet record), 300 Hurdles (40.96 after a 40.26 meet record heat). Her 4x1 Pomona relay team dropped the baton and didn't score.

                      The last male to win alone was Steve Kerho, whose two hurdle victories in 1982 were all the points needed by Mission Viejo.