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USOC Increasing Foreign Use Of Its Training Facilities....


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  • USOC Increasing Foreign Use Of Its Training Facilities....

    ....while routinely denying US athletes the same opportunities.

    (from the front page)

    Utterly ridiculous to be spending money that sponsors gave to them to build the US program and support US athletes on foreign athletes. This is in direct violation to the USOC Charter responsibilities to support programs & athletes in the US.


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    Was the a "?" at the end or a "!"; I think that you said it all. I have no qualms about using the centers in such a way as to help keep the 'load-factor' high. I would help pay the bills by charging for usage, but does not sound like what the situation is (and such use helps athletes, so not a bad thing even if they represent a different political entity).


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      Well, it's not cheap for foreigners to use the facility. And I can tell you personally that, Australia, England, Sweden and Germany has extended the same opportunity to some of the best American athletes at no charge. In the spirit of sport.


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        I have no problem w/ opening the facilities to other nations. That is a smart idea. The problem lies w/ openly denying athletes from the US access. Basically, the way it works here is if Brooks Johnson or Duffy Mahoney think you should get access, you get it, otherwise you're SOL. You might even finish in the top 25 in the Olympics or end the year in the top 50 overall, but you still can't get in. Junior athletes have all but been forbidden to enter either. You even have to agree to be coached by on-site coaches or Brooks instead of using your own coach too.

        Great system of a good ol' boys network running the sport we have here...