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    Originally posted by Tvarish
    Will T&FN be having an NCAA contest? If not, what about you tafnut? You gonna have your famous contest?
    If T&FN does not have one (I seem to remember the NCAA gave them some totally bogus reason why they couldn't), then there WILL the Tafnut Challenge! . . . um . . . I mean the Marl. . . uh . . . there WILL be a contest!!

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    SWEEET!! The Wayback Machine took me into the past and I answered a question that hadn't even been asked yet!!!!


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      NCAA Contest

      Will T&FN be having an NCAA contest? If not, what about you tafnut? You gonna have your famous contest?


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        So are the MtnVuGuiz not having one?

        If not, the Taflow Challenge will commence at 11:00am EDT on this Wednesday when the Deca begins. it'll be a "Pick-All-The-Winners" game and you may fire when ready, Gridley.


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          I think TFN doesn't do NCAA contests any more. Something about the evils of gambling which might corrupt the purity of collegiate athletics. As if :twisted: At any rate, I think gh explained that their contests (which usually offer TFN subscriptions/extensions) was considered a major no no at Shawanee Mission or wherever the f***ing idiots at the the puzzle palace reside. Oh, guys, what about the huge amount of money tossed into the various BB tourney pools. Won't even get into the huger amount bet of college FB games. But, no worries mate We never have scandals. Oh ops:


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            OK, T&FN sez this (men):

            100 METERS Richard Thompson (LSU) Sr
            200 METERS Walter Dix (Florida State) Sr
            400 METERS Lionel Larry (USC) Sr
            800 METERS Jacob Hernandez (Texas) Jr
            1500 METERS Leonel Manzano (Texas) Sr
            STEEPLECHASE Barnabas Kirui (Mississippi) Jr
            5000 METERS Brent Vaughn (Colorado) Sr
            10,000 METERS Shadrack Songok (Texas A&M Corpus Christi) Sr
            110 HURDLES Jason Richardson (South Carolina) Jr
            400 HURDLES Justin Gaymon (Georgia) Jr
            4 x 100 RELAY LSU
            4 x 400 RELAY Baylor
            HIGH JUMP Dusty Jonas (Nebraska) Sr
            POLE VAULT Jason Colwick (Rice) So
            LONG JUMP Ngoni Makusha (Florida State) Fr
            TRIPLE JUMP Nkosinza Balumbu (Arkansas) Jr
            SHOT Russ Winger (Idaho) Sr
            DISCUS Greg Garza (UCLA) Sr
            HAMMER Cory Martin (Auburn) Sr
            JAVELIN Corey White (USC) Jr
            DECATHLON Gonzalo Barroilhet (Florida State) Fr
            And I sez this:

            100 Travis Padgett
            200 Walter Dix
            400 Lionel Larry
            800 Elias Koech
            1500 Leonel Manzano
            ST Barnabas Kirui
            5000 Brent Vaughn
            10,000 Shadrack Songok
            110H. Ty Akins
            400H Justin Gaymon
            4x100 FSU
            4x400 Baylor
            HJ Dusty Jonas
            PV Mitch Greeley
            LJ Ngoni Makusha
            TJ. Muhammad Halim
            SP Ryan Whiting
            DT Wes Stockbarger
            HT Cory Martin
            JT Chris Hill
            DEC Jangy Addy

            (10 different from MtnVu)

            what sez you?


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              100 METERS Kelly Baptiste (LSU) Sr
              200 METERS Porscha Lucas (Texas A&M) So
              400 METERS Shana Cox (Penn State) Sr
              800 METERS Alysia Johnson (Cal) Sr
              1500 METERS Hannah England (Florida State) Fr
              STEEPLE Jenny Barringer (Colorado) Jr
              5000 METERS Sally Kipyego (Texas Tech) Jr
              10,000 METERS Lisa Koll (Iowa State) So
              100 HURDLES Nickiesha Wilson (LSU) Jr
              400 HURDLES Nicole Leach (UCLA) Jr
              4 x 100 LSU
              4 x 400 Penn State
              HIGH JUMP Sharon Day (Cal Poly/SLO) Sr
              POLE VAULT April Kubishta (Arizona State) Sr
              LONG JUMP Brittney Reese (Mississippi) Jr
              TRIPLE JUMP Erica McLain (Stanford) Sr
              SHOT Jessica Pressley (Arizona State) Sr
              DISCUS Annie Alexander (Tennessee) Fr
              HAMMER Brittany Riley (Southern Illinois) Sr
              JAVELIN Rachel Yurkovich (Oregon) Jr
              HEPTATHLON Jacquelyn Johnson (Arizona State) Sr
              100 Facey
              200 Porscha Lucas
              400 Shana Cox
              800 Alysia Johnson
              1500 Sally Kipyego
              STEEPLE Jenny Barringer
              5000 Sally Kipyego
              10,000 Lisa Koll
              100H Nickiesha Wilson
              400H Nicole Leach
              4x100 TA&M
              4x400 LSU
              HJ Sharon Day
              PV April Kubishta
              LJ Brittney Reese
              TJ Erica McLain
              SP Jessica Pressley
              DT Battle
              HT Orban
              JT Rachel Yurkovich
              HEP Jacquelyn Johnson
              (6 different)

              Sez you?


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                If healthy, Carol Rodriguez wins the w400m.


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                  Originally posted by ALLSpeed
                  If healthy, Carol Rodriguez wins the w400m.
                  Nah. I'll go with Marlow and the T&FN form chart. Shana Cox all the way. If Rodriguez is 100% she could make it interesting, but I'll still stick with Cox.


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                    Can't let you go uncontested in this, Marlow, so here are my choices. I do see that you have some good picks!

                    An asterisk beside the name means that that person will also make the US Olympic team this year in that event at Eugene.


                    100 Thompson (A sure thing)
                    200 Dix *
                    400 Larry *
                    800 Wheating (This sb a dandy event! )
                    1500 Manzano * (Surest pick of the men's events!)
                    st Gunn
                    5K Vaughn (Curtis could surprise if the pace is slow.)
                    10K Quigley (I like that name!)
                    HH Richardson ( Always root for a comeback)
                    400H Gaymon * (Could be best event on the men's side,5 under 49 secs.)
                    4 x 1 relay LSU
                    4 x 4 relay Baylor
                    PV Colwick (Not a strong event)
                    HJ Jonas * (who else?)
                    BJ Makusha
                    TJ Boutte
                    SP Whiting (4th at Trials)
                    DT Garza (very competitive, 6 in contention)
                    HT Martin (A lock, over 240 ft)
                    JT White (Hill next year)
                    Dec Barroilhet (Very exciting competition, 3 0r 4 at around 8200)


                    100 Baptiste (Facey close behind)
                    200 Lucas
                    400 Cox (Another exciting event!)
                    800 A. Johnson * (A sure thing)
                    1500 Kipyego
                    st Barringer *
                    5K Kipyego (Surest winner on ladies' side)
                    10K Koll ?
                    HH Harrison (Wilson right there too)
                    400H Leach * (She will bust out!)
                    4 x 1 Relay LSU
                    4 x 4 Relay Penn State
                    PV Bagan
                    HJ Sharon Day
                    BJ Reese *
                    TJ McLain * (Tough one to call!)
                    SP Pressley
                    DT Alexander
                    HT Orban
                    JT Patterson * (Hope Yurkovich makes A standard!)
                    Hept J Johnson * (A lock)

                    OK now I can hear the :lol: and :roll:


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                      A heck of a lot of victory dances for the Bruins ... should be fun.

                      -100 meters *Walter Dix
                      -200 meters *Walter Dix
                      -400 meters *Lionel Larry
                      -800 meters *Cory Primm
                      -1500 meters *Laef Barnes
                      -3000 meter steeplechase *Harry Hagenbuch
                      -5000 meters *Brent Vaughn
                      -10,000 meters *Shadrack Songok
                      -110 Hurdles *Kevin Craddock
                      -400 meter Hurdles *Justin Gaymon
                      -4x100 relay *LSU
                      -4x400 relay *Baylor
                      -High Jump *Dusty Jonas
                      -Pole Vault *Dustin Deleo
                      -Long Jump *Ngonidzashe Makusha
                      -Triple Jump *Jon Jackson
                      -Shot Put *Darius Savage
                      -Discus *Greg Garza
                      -Hammer Throw *Boldi Kocsor

                      -Javelin *Corey White
                      -Decathlon *Gonzalo Barriolhet

                      Winning Men's Team

                      -100 meters *Kelly Ann Baptiste
                      -200 meters *Porscha Lucas
                      -400 meters *Shana Cox
                      -800 meters *Krishna Curry
                      -1500 meters *Brie Felnagle
                      -3000 meter Steeple *Jennifer Barringer
                      -5000 meters *Sally Kipyego
                      -10,000 meters *Lisa Koll
                      -100 Hurdles *Tiffany Ofili
                      -400 Hurdles *Nicole Leach
                      -4x100 relay *LSU
                      -4x400 relay *UCLA
                      -High Jump *Kaneisha Creary
                      -Pole Vault *Tori Anthony
                      -Long Jump *Rhonda Watkins
                      -Triple Jump *Renee Williams

                      -Shot Put *Jessica Pressley
                      -Discus * D'Andra Carter
                      -Hammer Throw *Brittany Riley
                      -Javelin *Kara Patterson
                      -Heptathlon *Jacquelyn Johnson

                      Top women's team:


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                        100 Travis Padgett Clemson
                        200 Richard Thompson LSU
                        400 LeJerald Betters Baylor
                        800 Elkana Kosgei LSU
                        1500 Leonel Manzano Texas
                        STEEPLE Peter Kosgei Arkansas
                        5000 Brent Vaughn Colorado
                        10,000 Sean Quigley LaSalle
                        110H Jason Richardson South Carolina
                        400H Justin Gaymon Georgia
                        4 x 100 LSU
                        4 x 400 Baylor
                        HJ Scott Sellers Kansas St
                        PV Dustin DeLeo UCLA
                        LJ Cadeau Kelley Akron
                        TJ Andre Black Louisville
                        SP Ryan Whiting Ariz St
                        DIS Greg Garza UCLA
                        HAM Cory Martin Auburn
                        JAV Adam Montague Florida
                        DEC Jangy Addy Tennessee


                        100 M Simone Facey Texas A&M
                        200 M Simone Facey Texas A&M
                        400 M Shana Cox Penn State
                        800 M Alysia Johnson Cal
                        1500 M Brie Felnagle North Carolina
                        STEEPLE Jenny Barringer Colorado
                        5000 M Sally Kipyego Texas Tech
                        10,000 M Lisa Koll Iowa State
                        100 H Tiffany Ofili Michigan
                        400 H Nicole Leach UCLA
                        4 x 100 Texas A&M
                        4 x 400 LSU
                        HJ Sharon Day Cal Poly/SLO
                        PV Stephanie Bagan San Diego St
                        LJ Brittney Reese Mississippi
                        TJ Blessing Okagbare UTEP
                        SHOT Jessica Pressley Arizona State
                        DISCUS D'Andra Carter Texas Tech
                        HAMMER Brittany Riley Southern Illinois
                        JAVELIN Kara Patterson Purdue
                        HEPTATHLON Jacquelyn Johnson Arizona State


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                          Wanted to make things interesting 23 of 42 different then TFN. What do those guys know???? :wink:


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                            OK, here goes:

                            100 Thompson LSU
                            200 Dix FSU
                            400 Larry USC
                            800 Hernandez TX
                            1500 Manzano TX
                            ST Kirui Ole Miss
                            5K Vaughn CO
                            10K McDougal Lib
                            110H Richardson SC
                            400H Gaymon GA
                            4x1 LSU
                            4x4 Baylor
                            HJ Jonas NB
                            PV Scott KS
                            LJ Frederick WA
                            TJ Balumbu AK
                            SP Whiting ASU
                            DT Stockberger FL
                            HT Dunkleberger Au
                            JT White USC
                            Dec Kilmartin TX

                            100 Baptiste LSU
                            200 Lucas TA&M
                            400 Cox PSU
                            800 Johnson CA
                            1500 Feinagle NC
                            St Barringer CO
                            5K Kipyego TT
                            10K Kipyego TT
                            100H Harrison VAT
                            400H Harrison VAT
                            4x1 LSU
                            4x4 LSU
                            HJ Day CPSLO
                            PV Sultanova KS
                            LJ Reese MS
                            TJ McLain Stan
                            SP Pressley ASU
                            DT Carter TT
                            HT Riley SnIL
                            JT Yurkovich OR
                            Hep Johnson ASU


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                              Originally posted by mike renfro
                              OK, here goes:

                              10K Kipyego TT
                              Not that you need any help but Kipyego is not entered in the 10K. She is doing the 1500m instead.